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    • In April 2006, Stella was a guest star in a couple of episodes of the BBC police drama Dalziel and Pascoe. In them she plays a dissatisfied housewife who finds herself in trouble when she talks too openly about her husband in an internet chat room. Another guest star was Kelly Hunter who played Daphne Haycock in the first series of The House of Eliott alongside Stella.

    • Stella gives a superb guest star performance as Felicity Hendon, a feisty and ambitious salsa dancer in an episode of the ITV drama Murder In Suburbia.

    • Previews of Stella's latest stage performance in Hilda, by Marie NDiaye, begin on 6 April 2006 at the Hampstead Theatre London. The play is about an affluent French woman who becomes obsessive about the nanny she employs to look after her children. The opening night is 10th April and the play is due to run until 6th May 2006.

    • Stella played the character Ophelia in a production of Shakespeare's Hamlet at the Olivier Theatre, London in 1989. Judi Dench played Gertrude and Daniel Day-Lewis played Hamlet.

    • In 1997, Stella starred alongside Bill Nighyat the Royal National Theatre in a production of David Hare's tragic-comedy Skylight.

    • Her daughter is called Natasha.

    • The BBC 's 1991 production of David Hare's 'Heading Home' stars Stella, Joely Richardson (Nip Tuck) and Gary Oldman(The Fifth Element).

    • In the film 'Arthur's Dyke', Stella has a brief appearance as Celia, the wife of philandering Jerry. Her real life husband, Nick Farrell, plays Jerry. Robert Daws, who stars in the title role Arthur, also played Piggy Garstone in 'The House of Eliott', a potential love interest for Stella's character Beatrice.

    • BBC Radio 4 has produced 'The Complete Ambridge Chronicles', an audio collection of events from their longest running drama series'The Archers'. Stella narrates the 'Looking for Love' section of the recording.

    • Stella performed in an audio book version of Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' along with husband Nick Farrell and actress Samantha Bond.

    • The bleak BBC Scotland television film 'Down Where The Buffolo Go' was shot on location in her home town of Greenock. Stella is in the film, playing the disillusioned wife of army officer Harvey Kietel (' The PIano' / 'Pulp Fiction' / 'Resevoir Dogs.')

    • In 1986, she played Bridie in the RSC production of Debora Levy's 'Heresies'.

    • Stella has done numerous stints at the Royal Shakespeare Company : 1986-1988 and 1994-1995. The seasons included performances in Stratford-upon-Avon and in London.

    • In December 2003, she appeared in an 'Inspector McLevy' radio play entitled 'The Dark Shadow' alongside fellow Scottish actress Siobhan Redmond.

    • In stark contrast to the staunch Victorian character of Bea in 'The House of Eliott', Stella has narrated 'She Lay Naked- An Anthology of Classic Erotic Verse.' The audio book contains works by Byron, Whitman, Betjemen and Marlowe.

    • Stella is a supporter of 'Honeypot', a UK charity for severely disadvantaged children.

    • In 1988, Stella performed in the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) production of Chekov's 'Three Sisters' as Irina. Her co-stars were Harriet Walter as Mrasha and Deborah Findlay as Olga. The play was staged at both the Swan Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon and The Barbican in London.

    • Her first television role was in 1986 when she appeared in the BBC's hospital drama'Casualty'. In 1990 her 'House of Eliott' co-star, Louise Lombard was also a guest star in the show.

    • Stella comes from a large family: she is the seventh child of a family of thirteen.

    • She attended the Notre Dame High School in Greenock, Scotland.

    • Stella appears as a hostage called Gerry in the film 'Red Murcury', a thriller about terrorists directed by Roy Battersby. The film was shown in August 2005 at the Montreal World Film Festival.

    • In 2000, Stella performed in the BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of D. H. Lawrence's 1921 novel 'Women in Love'. She played rebellious artist Gudren Brangwen. It also starred her husband, Nick Farrell, as the tormented Rupert Birkin.

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