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  • Trivia

    • In a move to mock her former-stepmother Heather Mills, Stella created a silver necklace that had a single leg as a pendant. Heather was hit by a motorcycle in 1993, causing doctors to amputate one leg.

    • Her drama-filled birth inspired her father, Paul to pray that she be born "on the wings of an angel." After this incident, Paul named his upcoming band Wings.

    • Stella is the older half-sister of Beatrice Milly McCartney, the daughter of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.

    • In 1998, she designed the wedding dress for her sister Mary's wedding to TV producer Alistair Donald.

    • Stella is named after both of her maternal great-grandmothers; both of Linda McCartney's grandmothers were named Stella.

    • In 2005, she designed a range of clothing and accessories for H&M, it was a way to give her fans a more affordable option. Her designs were sold out almost immediately, because there wasn't much difference between her main line and the H&M line.

    • Stella received the VH1/Vogue Designer of the Year award in 2000, an award which was presented to her by her father Paul McCartney. In her speech, she thanked her father and dedicated the award to her late mother Linda.

    • In September, 2004, Stella teamed up with sports line Adidas and released Adidas by Stella McCartney, a fashion sports line for women.

    • Stella designed the costumes for Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law in their film, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

    • In the fashion industry she is often known as Stella Steel or Unstoppable Stella.

    • Stella's wedding dress in her August 2003 marriage ceremony to publisher Alasdhair Willis was an updated version of her mother, Linda McCartney's wedding dress at her March 1969 marriage ceremony to Stella's father, Paul McCartney. She designed the dress with Tom Ford, her boss at the Gucci fashion group.

    • Stella designed pal Madonna's wedding dress for her 2000 marriage to Guy Ritchie.

    • Stella is a strict vegeterian, doesn't use any leather or fur in her fashion designs, and is a big supporter of "PETA" (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

    • One of the middle names of Stella's newborn daughter is "Linda". Linda is the name of Stella's mother who passed away in 1998 due to breast cancer.

    • Stella married Alasdhair Willis on August 30, 2003. They later went onto have two children.

  • Quotes

    • Stella (on her parent's fame): I was in this stadium with 200,000 people looking at my mum and dad. That was mind-bending.

    • Stella: I can honestly say this industry (fashion) hasn't made me neurotic about my looks, except maybe my weight. I hope my clothes kind of reflect that. They're meant to make you feel good, not give you more hang-ups.

    • Stella: I have been struggling furiously all my life to be independent.