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    • Steph Song: I think Hollywood is part of a machine that I just don't believe in anymore. If we're talking about films like Little Miss Sunshine, then I'd love to do a 'Hollywood' film. But if we're talking about Mission Impossible 2, then no, I don't care for that. My agent would kick me for saying that! But that's how I feel.

    • Steph Song: When you start off in this career, you pretty much have to take what you're given and try to make the best of it. As I get older I can be more selective. I don't necessarily want to do material that speaks volumes to people. It's more about trying things I haven't done before and finding challenges.

    • Steph Song: I was incredibly shy and was always trying to fit in, but never did. That was the sad part of my childhood. When you're a child, you want things to be stable. I was watching my young cousins the other day and realized they watch the same Disney cartoon over and over and over again because it's safe, they know what's coming next, there aren't going to be unpleasant surprises. Children want the security of knowing what is happening next. When you spend your entire childhood moving around like I did, you learn never to expect what's familiar to be there when you turn around. Mom and I counted that I went to something like fifteen different schools before I even was in grade nine. That's a lot of schools and trying to fit into a new group of friends. And then the second you start feeling comfortable, you're off again. Then you discover a whole new set of bullies in your new school and just when you made your peace with them you're off to meet another set of bullies. It's not such a great way to grow up. But as a result I learned to adapt quickly.

    • Steph Song: When I was very young I watched Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory – the first one with Gene Wilder - and in this film there was a river made of chocolate and the trees were made of candy and you could drink a soda and fly and then burp yourself down. And I thought now that's where I want to live! In a place where you can create any kind of world you would like to live in. I could live many lives instead of just one and experience so many different things. I was hooked on the idea of all those possibilities.

    • Steph Song: When I was growing up, my dad always used to say: 'It's one of life's abiding ironies that someone named Song couldn't carry a tune to save her life'.