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    • Stephanie: No matter how well you think you did or what the judges say, if America doesn't think it was good, then that's it. You've got to bring it each time.

    • Stephanie (on which judge helped her the most): It would be Simon. He's just very honest. You need someone to be honest with you and to me he was the most honest. The other judges were honest, but he's just always honest and he's blunt, he gets right to the point. Even though sometimes people think it's rude, I respect his honesty.

    • Stephanie (on how it was like being in the top 12): Yes, it was great working with the musical guests. I loved working with Diana Ross and I loved working with Lulu. They both were very fun and very personable. They just made it easy for us to sing for them, we didn't feel intimidated. They gave us great advice. Diana Ross told me to be more sexy on my song, because she sang it and she told me that she was sexy when she sang it. And Lulu thought the song I did this week was great. She thought there was nothing she could change about it. So it's kind of weird that's the week I go home, but.

    • Stephanie (on the best advice she receives from the judges): I think it was Randy who just kind of told me to find Stephanie. When I sang Beyonce, he thought I sounded like Beyonce, but I get that a lot. But the best advice I think was when he told me to just make sure I find Stephanie amongst everything.

    • Stephanie (on if she found being compared by the judges to the other divas fair): I don't, but they are going to say what they feel, so whether I thought it was fair or not, they can do that basically. They are able to compare whoever they want to compare; they're the judges.

    • Stephanie (on if she found it difficult competing with Melinda, LaKisha and Jordin): Yes -- I don't know, not so much Jordin I think, but the judges did definitely compare me to Lakisha and Melinda. I think that's where I kind of started trying to sing ballads and show off more vocals. I should have just stuck to what I do best, which is put on a show and just perform more and not so much of all the belting and everything. So I think I just kind of lost myself in that whole mix of being compared to them. I just never quite found it in time before America voted me off.

    • Stephanie (on if she agreed with the judges): I just felt that I kind of lost myself in the mix of them comparing me to other contestants. I was trying to please the judges, and I should have just pleased myself and pleased America obviously, because they're the ones who are voting. It was up to them in the end. I just lost myself, I think. That's the only thing I can say really.

    • Stephanie (on what she would have done different): I would have definitely chosen an upbeat, faster song, just because the judges said they like me singing upbeat songs better, so I would have done that differently -- definitely.

    • Stephanie (on her reaction of being eliminated from "Idol"): I was probably about a five, just because of my performance from the night before the results. I think I just had a feeling that I was going to be in the bottom because of what the judges said about my performance. And I was right.

    • Stephanie: My dresses always came down to my knees, because I didn't want anything too short. I like to stay very classy.