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  • Love her.

    One thing I hate about her is, she is married to Bobby Flay. But great actress. Wish she would get a good show that won't get canceled.
  • Great Actress...


    Stephanie March is truly missed in Law and Order SVU and it made me real happy that she is back even for 5 episodes in season 13. She is not just a great actress but also good in spirit. I've read some write ups about her being an ambassador for OKOW, how she traveled in Africa to visit the projects there. Her stories about her trip really amazes me and made me want to know her more.

    Two thumbs up for Stephanie...

  • She is beautiful and she does work with nonprofits. Watch her talk about giving up your birthday to help kids!

    She is beautiful and she does work with nonprofits. Watch her talk about giving up your birthday to help kids!

    This is the website she is talking about in that video:

    Stephanie is a good person. She has helped out nonprofits, particularly a charity that helps children called "World of Children" ( She is also a GREAT actress, especially in Law and Order SVU. In addition to all of this she is from Texas, which pretty much ensures she's gold! :)

    So yeah, in short Stephanie March is the bomb, for real. I hope to see a lot more of her!
  • I wonder how someone can be beautiful AND talented AND witty AND clever all at once.

    I wonder how someone can be beautiful AND talented AND witty AND clever all at once. Honestly, I LOVE Stephanie March and I love Alex Cabot. That would be the sole reason why I paid a ridiculously unfair price to order the entire "Conviction" television series. Love, love, LOVE! Stephanie March is not only gorgeous, but she comes off as so natural and down to earth and she does a lot of charity work, especially for children, which I have a great deal of respect for. Honestly, I would buy pretty much anything just because she's in it. Not to sound too obsessed, though . . .
  • I am madly in love with her. She is beautiful.

    She is them beautifullist actress ever. I am madly in love her. Her eyes are the most beautifullist shade of blue that I have ever seen. Bobby Flay is one lucky guy. I would most defiantly turn gay for her...even though she is the same age as my mum. I think she is absolutely brilluiant. I was devastated when she left SVU. I was really; really happy when she came back I was happy all day when I found out. She is way better then Casey. Casey is nowhere near as good as Alex.
    She has really pretty hair as well.
  • Such an amazing woman!

    Such an amazing woman! She's intelligent, sexy and funny. One of the best actresses today and hugely underrated! Alexandra Cabot is a fantastic character and probably the best ADA in history of Law & Order (right there with Angie Harmon)!
    I went to watch Mr & Mrs Smith, just to see Steph and Angie together on the big screen and was hugely disappointed that her role was so small. But she still had one of the best lines in the film. Every interview she does, every time she appears on TV she is very down to earth, seems very kind and extremely smart and very considerate of others. I love absolutely everything about this woman!
  • empty

    Stephanie March is more known for her television appearances than for her film roles, but in her few films roles thus far, she has played the bit character very well. I'd like to see her grab some more work so that we can grade her on a larger scale.
  • empty

    She is a very good actress actually. I know that her filmography is not the biggest or the best one, but I must say that I am very impress with all of her work. She really knows how to act and she has done a lot of good works lately, I really like her style and I think that it is something worth of mentioning. She is great!
  • Stephanie March

    Stephanie March as ADA Alex Cabot is one of my favorite characters of the series Law and Order Special Victims Unit. If given the choice to pick between her character (ADA Alex Cabot), and that of Diane Neal's (ADA Casey Novak), I feel that Stephanie March wins hands down. I was sad to see her character leave the series. When she had her own show (Conviction) I was happy to see her back into her old character. I was sad to see that show get canceled. I am looking forward to seeing her on Broadway this summer, in the play Talk Radio.
  • One of SVU's best.

    Smart, incredibly gorgeous, and talented. I guess that sums up Stephanie March.

    She portrayed Assistant District Attorney Alex Cabot's icy demeanor perfectly, dripping with professionalism, determination (to prosecute), and sophistication. She owns the court room floor everytime she speaks. I was really sad to see her leave the show as she was my favorite ADA. And I hope for the day they would explain why ADA Cabot returned to New York after her stint with witness protection.

    I hope she gets the chance to widen her scope, take on more challenging roles that would surely showcase her talent as an actress.
  • Talented, beautiful, and should be a big star!

    I really like Stephanie March. She is very talented and she can act. I think that she should come back on Law and Order SVU since Conviction is ending and play herself. She could be a part of the show again. Of course I am not saying get rid of Casey Novak because I love her. I really like Stephanie March and Diane Neal and I think that they should both be on Law and Order SVU. COME BACK!!!! Bring Conviction back too!!!!
  • Hope Conviction makes her a star

    I am really glad that she is back on a regular tv show
    And that even though she has been gone briefly, still
    We miss our daily dose of Alex and glad that she is back!
    Want to see that movie Mr & Mrs Smith with her in it though she is in a supporting role.
    But glad she is back on the small screen where she belongs.
  • Very talented, very beautiful and very sweet and unassuming.

    Not only is Stephanie March a very good actress
    and obviously beautiful, but she is just as sweet as she is talented and beautiful. I had the occasion to chat with her while she was in her home town visiting a relative over Christmas and to take her picture with her relative and sister.
    Her sister was then kind enough to take a picture of Stephanie and my mife and me. It was quite a thrill to meet someone I admire so much. I gave a print of the picture to her relative so he would have a momento of her visit.

    I sincerely hope she will have time to pay us
    another visit in San Angelo. We were wll sorry to see her leave L & O SVU, but everyone moves on.

  • Stephanie March is a wonderful actress. Obviously Dick Wolf realized how much talent he had lost after she left SVU.

    I am so glad she is now getting her own show, Conviction. I'm sure it will be an incredible show, how could expect less of Dick Wolf or Stephanie? I'm glad her character, Alex Cabot will get released from Witness Protection. Hopefully March will guest-star on SVU a few times again, her performance in Ghost was great.
  • I am glad to hear March is returning to SVU. I was confused about her departure.

    It seemed in the end she said something about a \'girlfriend\'? Then she returned for one episode and mentioned a boyfriend. Which is it? I liked the girlfriend part personally. Did the writers chicken out? Or did March not want to be classified as a lesbian? I know many gorgeous attorneys that are lesbians. I think it adds to her allure. But maybe that is just me.
  • I believe that the character of Alex Cabot was well developed. It\'s a great disappointment that Stephanie March is no longer on the show, but I hope that her character of Alexandra Cabot returns to later episodes.

    I would like to see Stephanie March as \"Alexandra Cabot\" returns to the show. She gave the show more of an edge that kept you wanting more. Her tactics made her an incredible lawyer and character for the show. Sometimes it makes you think whether or not being a lawyer is easy as she makes it seem.
  • stephanie march is the coolest person on law and order svu. she is the best looking one too. and i think that she should come back to the show because it is not the same without her on it.i think that diane neal is good to but not as good.

    stephanie march is the coolest person on law and order svu. she is the best looking one too. and i think that she should come back too the show because its not the same without her on it. i think that diane neal is good to but not as good as stephanie. and i think that it is great for her to be in mr. and mrs. smith. and i also think that it is great that she married bobby flay on feburary 20th 2005