Stephanie Nicole Lemelin

Stephanie Nicole Lemelin


6/29/1979, outside Philadelphia, PA

Birth Name

Stephanie Nicole Lemelin



Also Known As

Stephanie Lemelin
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Stephanie Lemelin was born June 29, 1979. Stephanie has always been a fan of stage, and she's performed in a number of school plays and local community theaters. In 2001, she graduated college and decided to pursue acting. Since then, she's guest starred on several TV shows.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Newcomer Stephanie Lemelin plays Thorne on Cavemen-- which up until this point hasn't been the biggest role. However each episode she seems to get more to do, perhaps because she makes the most of her few and far lines in between!moreless

    She's quirrrrrrky-- in a good way. This girl makes me laugh even when she doesn't say a line. It's all in her face-- her eyes, and the faces she makes. Tonight, in the shaver, she was quite hilarious-- and she's never been bad to look at either. The moments with her in the car with Andy, she had the greatest facial expressions. He is great, too. I hope they have more together. I guess, all I really want to say is-- Give her more to do! She cracks me up. I love her as Thorne on Cavemen, and I wonder... why haven't we seen her before!?!?!!!moreless