Stephanie Romanov

Stephanie Romanov


1/24/1969, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Stephanie Romanov


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Stephanie was born on 24 January 1969. She first began modeling in Europe and was discovered at 15 by Elite Modeling agent John Casablancas. Her first professional modeling job was in Europe, shooting fashion layouts for Italian and French 'Bazaar'. She then moved to New York to pursue…more


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    • Stephanie: I was never much of a gambler. I'm not very lucky. When it comes to that type of thing, I'll lose. And if I'm standing next to you, you'll lose, too.

    • Stephanie: (About singing Karaoke on Angel) Yeah, I don't understand why Lilah's the only one who hasn't. I think it would be fun to go up there and sing. Like I said, I want to do Angel: The Musical. If Lilah had to sing karaoke, what song? I've Been to Paradise, But I've Never Been to Me! Don't you think it's perfect?

    • Stephanie (About doing a kissing scene with David Boreanaz): However, I was actually nervous before. I may have known David for three years [but] he'd just gotten married and I'm newly married. So it was weird, like all of a sudden you've got to kiss your friend. It's odd, it's an odd business.

    • Stephanie: I like to sculpt and I like to paint, I like to swim and... what else do I do to unwind? Hang out with my husband, smooch. I like to wrestle, wrestling's good, definitely wrestle with my husband. I threw out his shoulder once. I'm stronger than I look.

    • Stephanie: I think one of the reasons I love acting is being able to play different types of people and different characters. I've been very fortunate in that I've played very diverse types of people and I've done comedy, I've done drama, I've done action. I've played the bad girl, the good girl, I love being able to change around and play different parts.

    • Stephanie: (About her modeling career) I was 5 foot 9 already, at 14, and so I sent some pictures to a lady in New York and John Casablancas flew out to meet me and sent me a ticket. My first job was going to Rome, Paris and Milan within a month, doing the collection for Italian and French [Harper's] Bazaar. I always worked, and it was great.

    • Stephanie: I wouldn't say all lawyers are evil, I would say that a lot of them are.