Stephanie Zimbalist

Stephanie Zimbalist


10/8/1956, New York City, NY

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Stephanie Zimbalist


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Stephanie Zimbalist is the daughter of actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and his second wife, Stephanie Spaulding. Her grandparents were the violinist Efrem Zimbalist Sr. (born in Russia in 1889) and the opera singer Alma Gluck. Her brother, Efrem Zimbalist III, is a publishing executive.

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  • I met her in real-life.

    She was in one of my all time favorite TV shows 'Remington Steele'. She starred as a detective named Laura Holt. She always loved adventure studied and apprentice and opened her own detective agency called 'Laura Holt Investigations' when no one knocked down her door she changed the name of her agency to 'Remington Steele Investigations'. She made up a masculine superior named Remington Steele played by Pierce Bronson. She was very talented did everything from solving cases to falling in love with her cast mate. She was also a writer and wrote two episodes of 'Remington Steele'. She in real life was a very nice person. I met her in real life when she was filming 'Remington Steele'.moreless
  • A Truly Stunning Woman

    Stephanie is a beautiful women. Unlike some other stars she's seems relatively low-maintenance. Someone you could hang out with. She wouldn't be too worried about her nails or mail. She was a rarity, someone who is beautiful yet utterly approachable. She helped to make Remington Steele a very funny , very exciting, and very sexy. She looks as if she enjoyed acting. The way she seemed at ease on screen makes the audience relax. I wished she did more work than just Remington. I would have loved to see her in movies. She is lovely person all around and I am grateful she did such good work.moreless