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  • Great guy, GREAT actor!

    Stephen is just such a nice guy overall that one just has to love him! He is a wonderful Dad, loves his fans and a great actor - what is there not to like about this man! And so incredibly good looking. Hope to see Arrow continuing for many more seasons - and a lot of shirtless Stephen thrown in as well!

  • Love Your Show Arrow

    The Story line & The Way you Act In It Are Awesome! As Well As The Other Actors' & Actresses In It I Mean Wow!! Thank You Stephen Amell! Nicholas Lizotte Is My Awesome Friend On Facebook I thought He was You. But I Will say this He Is The Nicest Pearson I have Ever Met. I Just Wanted To thank the Creator of Arrow The Director's & Everyone Involved Your Show help me Cope With My Own devastation In My life. God Bless You All & Thank You Again.
  • The best actor on TV.

    My favorite actor on TV from 2013 to so far.
  • thanks

    very nice l love this actor

    It's a very wonderful series
  • 50 Shades

    OMG . CHRISTIAN GREY here! yup yup... FANS SELF
  • WOW!!

    Can act and is hot.
  • Totally hot.

    Two words, that's all that's really needed to describe Stephen. Totally Hot. Stud. Sizzling. Okay, those are additional adjectives, but it's true, this guy is ready to rocket to the top. He needs his own show, his classic looks beg for an action adventure or steamy romance. And I'm one fan begging for more.