Stephen Colletti

Stephen Colletti


2/13/1986, Laguna Beach, CA, USA

Birth Name

Stephen August Colletti



Also Known As

Stephen Coletti
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Stephen Colletti was born on February 13, 1986 in Laguna Beach, CA. Stephen started acting in small, local theaters when he was just 11 years old. In his senior year of high school, MTV asked him to appear in a television show that would document his life, as…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • this is my summary! a great show... hot people great locations and more!

    this show is great and shows some of the best Laguna has to offer ... as we all know that the drama of reality tv is not real and is edited in ways to make the show keep people interested an watching... so dont always believe what you see! and think twice before you judge the people on it ...ok ok I know its fun I do it to!
  • i think that stephen is very very cool indeed but he needs to get his act together bout which way he is gona go kirsten or lauren if i was him lauren would be my pickmoreless

    well i think that stephen is a great guy in all the shows i went over to america and brought all there seris's they are great the one thing i didnt think was him was when he lied to lauren (LC) about him being hear over night when he had actully gone out with kristen for dinner which was very rude i think. but apart from that he's a total hottie as he says hottie with da body but yeahs he's friendly caring and loving so i give him a 10/10 for him he's just an awsome guy i would go out with him lol. the part i most liked him was when him and lauren went out for dinner and the went to a restaruant and then the bit that mad me happy was when they went in the jucuzzie and then all of a sudden on the next wednesday when i watched the next bit stephen had stayed at lauren (LC)'s house which i think was cute but what i really wanted to see was when stephen and lauren slept together in mexico and i really liked that but i really wanted to know what happen inside the bed room but the person i love the most on laguna beach actully 4 is:stephen , lauren , lo , jason the rest are cool and all but like they just not memoreless