Stephen Frears





6/20/1941 , Leicester, England, UK

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Stephen Frears is an acclaimed British film and television director who has received many awards for his work and was twice nominated for an Oscar. Born in 1941 in Leicester, England, Frears studied at Cambridge University in the early 1960s, before entering the film industry as an assistant director. He directed many television productions, as well as commercials, over the next two decades. In 1985 Frears received a great deal of notice for his feature film My Beautiful Laundrette. The success of this movie brought Frears to the attention of Hollywood, and in 1988 he directed the hit film Dangerous Liasons, which received several Academy Award nominations. Two years later, Frears was nominated by the academy for his direction of The Grifters (1990). Frear continues to make successful movies, with one of the highlights being his 2006 film The Queen. He is married to Anne Rothenstien, a painter, with whom he has two children. He also has two children from an earlier marriage.