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  • This is a classic in the making! Since I found it through PBS here in the states I am addicted! Stephen and the rest of cast are excellent, and make me sad that we don't have the same calibre of shows here in the USA.

    My summary says it all. Kingdom is a great show with witty dialogue, beautiful scenery, and acting that is not painful, but profound. It's a shame that there is nothing like it being offered here in the USA. Stephen Fry proves that he is and will always be a great actor and should be in front of the camera more. Everything I found him to be in Jeeves and Wooster can be found in this show and so much more. I think he needs to find his way on to the American screens, and he would be devoured and savored by all!
  • Stephen Fry is an entertaining and intelligent host, a erudite and witty guest, a talented and convincing actor, a funny and charming raconteur and a gifted and absorbing author.

    I have been a fan of Stephen Fry's work for many years, from the days of A Bit of Fry and Laurie and Jeeves and Wooster, I have been entertained by his comedic skills.

    I enjoyed his forays into the cinema, Peter's Friends was funny, and of its time, and Wilde was a perfect role for him.

    As a writer I was impressed too, I particularly enjoyed The Liar and Paperweights.

    As a guest on chat shows and panel games, he was was always entertaining, knowledgeable and just a little bit rude :D.

    As a host on panel games, particulary the incomparable QI he continues to amaze with his depth of knowledge, and excellent repartee with the guests.

    And moving behind the camera has proved successul too, with Dirty Pretty Things.

    And just as I think I can find nothing else to admire, I was moved by his family tree investigation in Who Do you Think you Are? as well as his frankness and openess in The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive.

    He would be my ideal dinner guest, but I'd probably never want him to leave!
  • Stephen Fry is an absolute multi-talented genius.

    Everything thing he has done that I have been able to 'sample' - whether it is acting, writing, or his intellectual debates - has been both enjoyable and a learning experience. Need to expand and/or exercise your vocabulary? Start watching, reading, and listening to Mr. Fry. There is no "classification" to define him. His documentaries are educational and powerful. He is truly a person who realizes he is in a position to share his knowledge and experience with the rest of the world - and does it! He is very humble and modest, which makes him and his actions all the more believable and endearing.
  • Whoever doesn't love him must be mad.

    I cannot think of one person that would be mad enough not to love Stephen Fry. Personally I think the guy should be Prime Minister. He knows everything that is worth knowing and his knowledge really is astounding. I loved him in Blackadder. He was always at his best in that show and it was impossible for me not to laugh whenever he walked into a room. A Little Bit Of Fry And Laurie was excellent and always had be on the floor suffering from fits of the giggles. I used to laugh concontrollably just thinking about scenes from it. I still do. QI is a brilliant show and he really gets to show off his knowledge, but it's the way he does it. He's not pompous or arrogant about it. He knows that he's better and more intelligent than everyone else but he doesn't show it. He's a brilliant man that doesn't get enough recognition for it.
  • Stephen Fry can do anything and everything!

    Stephen Fry is a great actor. He's appeared in many shows, most noteably (for me), in <i>Jeeves & Wooster</i> as the inimitable Jeeves and also in <i>Black Adder</i> as Melchett (in all his various incarnations). He was incredibly funny in both roles. I've also seen him in movies, such as <i>Gosford Park</i> and <i>Peter's Friends</i> (which he wrote, I believe) and he did well there too, although the role he played in the latter movie was closer to his real life than the others.

    But he's also an author. He's written a few books, and they're quite funny as well. His autobiography (<i>Moab Is My Washpot</i>) is a very interesting read, and if you're interested in Stephen Fry's life and up-bringing, this would be a great place to find out about him. But his other books are fiction, and funny, which is only to be expected from a great comedic genius like Stephen Fry!