Stephen Furst

Stephen Furst


5/1/1955, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Birth Name

Stephen Fuerstein



Also Known As

Stephen 'Flounder' Furst
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Stephen Furst has starred in many motion pictures and television series. Beginning with the smash hit comedy classic, National Lampoon's "Animal House", where he starred as the lovable yet bumbling fraternity freshman, Flounder. Stephen did a series of other motion pictures including "Silent Rage", "Up the Creek", and…more


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    • Stephen: I'd love to do romantic comedy, and a good thriller. I just like to tell a story. I like to make movies. It's gotta be good.

    • Stephen: Well, the Sci-Fi Channel in particular seems to use the same people over and over There's a rumor going around that they're all kept on a ranch somewhere.

    • Stephen: I also lost the weight between the third and fourth season of Babylon 5. I came in, and the wardrobe was just hanging off of me. I didn't mention that I'd lost weight to them, so the first couple episodes on year four, you'll never see my back towards camera, because I was safety pinned together.

    • Stephen: (On recovering from dangerous side-effects of Diabetes) I experienced a multi-layered epiphany while I was healing. Bit by bit, the reality of my life's demon became clear to me.

    • Stephen: Like most severely overweight people, I had to hit a rock-hard bottom before I'd take responsibility for the consequences of neglecting my own health.