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Stephen began his acting career by accident. Up until age 30 he worked in construction, but when the lead actor of a show Stephens girlfriend was in was fired, she suggested he try out for the role, and to his great surprise, he landed it. Since then he…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Stephen has a motorcycle license as well as a full auto license.

    • Stephen was born in 1955.

    • Stephen says laughingly that he's surprised he's gotten many acting roles after his first television performance. While shooting Which Way Home, Stephen inadvertantly knocked over some lighting equipment, and when his episode aired his voice had been dubbed over by another actor.

    • Stephen is able to act using British and American accents as well as his own native Kiwi.

    • In preparing for his role of Superintendent Ron Maddock on Orange Roughies, Stephen asked for some tips from a friend who was with CIB. He also had his own brush with law enforcement, when he came to the aid of a man he saw stabbed, and gave his witness statement to the authorities.

    • Stephen has appeared in a number of short films, including Turning 10 (2007), A Quiet Night (1999), A Woman's Heart (1996), Seeing Red (1995) and Avondale Dogs (1994).

    • Stephen has done many television commercials for DB Export (2011), Gatorade (USA, 2010), Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal (Australia, 2010), Vero Insurance (Australia, 2006) Classic Hits, State Insurance, Waikato Draught, Molenberg, Super 12, and Cadbury's Old Gold.

    • Stephen is 6'2" tall, with balding brown hair and blue eyes.

    • Stephen is represented professionally by the firm Auckland Actors.

  • Quotes

    • Stephen: Orange Roughies is an exciting show because the Roughies are a new venture. They're finding their way, and no one knows how it's going to go. Unlike a show like Street Legal where the characters mostly played by the book, the Roughies are finding their way and they don't always follow the rules.

    • Stephen: (on playing Ron Maddock on "Orange Roughies") Luckily I've played a lot of cops before, and I really like this character. He's got a bit of a potty mouth and he doesn't suffer fools lightly, but he genuinely cares about the people that work under him and he treats his team like an extended family.

    • Stephen: (on his introduction to acting at age 30) I landed this lead role, and I had never been on stage in my life! It was absolutely terrifying! That was my first foray into acting and it was quite an experience.

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