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  • Trivia

    • Stephen J. Cannell received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Private Eye Writers of America in 1994.

    • Stephen J. Cannell broke into TV when he sold his first script to It Takes a Thief in 1968.

    • Stephen J. Cannell has been married to his wife, Marcia Finch, since 1964 and the couple has had four children.

    • Stephen J. Cannell's first full-time writing job was as story editor for Adam-12 during the show's fourth season.

    • Stephen J. Cannell and Janet Evanovich were collaborating on a book for the fall of 2007, planned to be the first in a new series. Unfortunately, plans fell through and the project was abandoned.

    • In 1981, Stephen J. Cannell won a Writers' Guild Award for Outstanding Achievement in TV Drama for the pilot episode of Tenspeed and Brown Shoe.

    • In 2006, Stephen J. Cannell received the Laurel Award for TV Writing Achievement from the Writers' Guild of America.

    • For years, Stephen J. Cannell had his office at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, even though most of his TV shows were distributed by Universal Studios.

    • Over his career, Stephen J. Cannell has created or co-created 40 shows, scripted 450 episodes and produced more than 1,500 hours of TV.

    • Stephen J. Cannell created the "Jim Rockford" character for an episode of Toma. When that story was rejected by ABC, Cannell used it as the basis for the private eye show he was developing with Roy Huggins, which became The Rockford Files.

    • Stephen J. Cannell has been nominated for five Emmy awards and has won once (Outstanding Drama Series, The Rockford Files, 1978).

    • Stephen J. Cannell is a brother in the Sigma Chi fraternity.

    • Stephen J. Cannell has been nominated for three Edgar Allan Poe awards by the Mystery Writers of America.

    • In addition to his scriptwriting, Stephen Cannell is the author of at least 11 novels.

    • Stephen Cannell does all of his writing on a typewriter and he only uses a computer to do research.

    • Stephen J. Cannell is dyslexic.

    • Has a production company called "Stephen J. Cannell Productions" (a.k.a. "Cannell Entertainment, Inc.").

  • Quotes

    • Stephen J. Cannell: (on his dyslexia) I was certainly thought Least Likely to Succeed. This condition has helped to motivate me and has allowed me to enjoy my unexpected success as a writer for 35 years.

    • Stephen J. Cannell: I'm a very positive person. I believe that positive thought brings success in life. Negative feelings and thoughts get you nothing, and are a complete waste of time. Get over it -- move on!

    • Stephen J. Cannell: If you just sit around and wait for that mood to hit you when your setter is curled up in front of the fireplace and there's a little rain outside and the thunder is rumbling and you've got the Irish coffee there... You know what? You'll never write anything. You've got to get up every day and pound it out.