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  • one of the greatest authors around

    i first got into stephen king a few years ago and have since gone on to read all his work i can get my hands on.
    he has written alot of books including classics such as, The Dark tower series, Carrie, Misery, The shining, The dead zone, Salems lot,IT, The stand, Hearts in atlantis, Night shift. alot of his works have been adapted into great movies such as The greenmile, Stand by me and The shawshank redemption. id recommended you try his novels and his great short story collections. his stories are great and you really get to know the srories characters.
  • He is the best horror writer!

    I had just recently gotten involve in his stories and I love them all. My first novel from him was "It" which was terrific, though a little confusing, is really cool and is the novel that freaks me out the most. Later, I read the Stand, which was way too long but I still read it completely, and I thought that it was so cool the whole virus thing, and finally I am reading right now the novel "Misery" which is cool, and is so sick! Well, I just want to say that Stephen King does really know how to write horror stories, and though he does not writes as much as before,I think that he is the best writer ever!
  • stephen king auther (many of his books made into films)

    Stephen King is an extremily talented auther who writes (mostly) horror storys, he has written multiple number one bestsellers, and many of his books have been made into movies including: carrie, the shinning, the shawshank redemption and more, his books have inspired two mini tv series, one of which is the popular nightmares and dreamscapes, his 2 latest books. lisleys story and cell are 2 of my all time favourite books. Stephen King is and allways has been my absolute favourite auther and i one day hope to be able to write books up to his standards. Stephen if your reading this im your biggest fan :D
  • Simply Amazing!

    Thanks to Stephen King, the brilliant author who hails from Maine, I am now afraid of clowns. His book It, about a killer clown who pops up every twenty-seven years in Derry, Maine, terrified me when I read it. Originally, I saw the movie and that made me scared. But when I read the novel, which was a amazing book, it deepened my fear. King is a marvelous writer, one who makes you question what you believe. My dad originally hooked me onto the books, and even though I am only fourteen, I have read quite a few. Even though King is a brialliant horror writer, (See It, Carrie, Desperation and Cell for good references) he is also good at writing other genres) The Green Mile isn't exactly a horror novel, but it is one of my favorite King novels. He has wrote a few non fiction books which are also good. But, I must say, I really love his short story collections. I am currently halfway through Nightmares and Dreamscapes, and although there are a few floozy's so far, I'm really enjoying the book. It is impossible to put down. Another thing I enjoy about King is that he trys to keep all his books set in Maine, or he will refer to some of his previous works in a current book. King is definatly a master at what he does, and I will keep trying to read my way through all his books,(even though he occasinally drops a floozy, or book I don't like, Dreamcatcher for example.)
  • Best author ever

    This guy truly is a great author. He does`nt fly through his stories; he takes his time and lets them develope giving us a truly fulfilled moment of reading. Although some of his antagonists did`nt feel right for thier stories, he still does a fine job with writing.
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    Ele é o melhor autor de livros de suspense e terror, amo filmes baseados em seus livros.
  • a very talented of the best!

    stephen king is a great writer and he is one of my favorite authors. i'm a fan of fiction and i usually prefer reading suspense thriller / horror / mystery genre. i admire his writing. and i love most of his early works. my favorite is salem's lot. it's really scary. my imagination just ran wild. he also wrote something about his craft 'on writing', his guide to wanna be writers. it's always exciting to read his books. i wish i had his imagination. most of his novels have been adapted into movies as well. some of them are good and it's nice to see how it comes to life, the magic it brings but i'd say it's still best to read them. and i'm just glad that he's still writing and that's always something that i can look forward to.
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    i love stephen king he is a great writer and his books make great movies. one of mine which i cannot find on this web sight is IT. it is about a killer clown that kills people and the kids must return to dairy to help kill it.
  • My all time favorite author.

    I have been a huge Stephen King since the first one of his books my aunt gave me. I have a collection of books most of them are Stephen King's. My all time favorite booke by him is Bag of Bones. I have noticed though I really do not like the movies based on Stephen King books or short stories because they are usually different then the books. I also have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly because he usually does a colonum for it. Hopefully one day i am able to read everything he has written an also seen all of the things based on his books.

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED his "The Langoliers" movie! It was AWESOME!!! And TOTOLLY scary!! And did I mention awesome? Of course I did! Tottally scares me! And The Langoliers is the only movie from him I've ever seen & I'm hoping to see "It" & "Mazimum Overdrive" next!! but those movies sure sound scary! My parents told me all about them!!! And what there about1 and my mom has The Green Mile! She said it's her favorite movie from him! And she said she saw The Lawn Mower Man! (Whatever that is!) And she didn't see the one me & my dad saw, The Langoliers! But I don't know if she wants to!
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    Living Legend. While not all his books are adapted well into film his stories are classic. He isn't afraid to kill a character, even senselessly at times. Some of my fav books are Misery, Dark Tower IV. Fav movie adaptations are IT, Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption.
  • Simply one of the best horror writers ever.

    This man is probably one of the most famous book writers ever. Stephen King is simply the king of horror. No matter how many of his books or series i see i never grow tired of the fantastic stories he tells. I think King's repuation speaks for it's self. Nearly everyone knows who he is which is saying something. King had created so many great shows like Kingdom Hospital, Desperation, Storm of the Century, Rose Red etc. All of these shows are fantastic. I am like the biggest fan of King's work honestly if you like one of his books watch one of his shows and vice versa so i cannot recomend this man enough he is fantastic.
  • definitly has become one of my favorite writers...

    after i listened to the Talisman, i was hooked on his wirting!! my favorite book of his would have to be Cell... it might have been said to be one of his worst but i is my all time favorite book in the world. the Dark tower series is next on my list (if i could only find the first one) i also loved the movie \"The Stand\" and the miniseries \"Kingdom Hospital\" i really don\'t like horror but these reminded me more of survival and they didn\'t terrify me... still are some of the best! i can\'t wait to read more of his books!
  • I great horror writer. Looking forward for more of his books.

    Ever since I was 11 I have read his books and since I was 6 I have watched his movies. Steven King has written many good hoor books such as "IT," "The Shining," "Carrie," "The Dark Towers," "Needful Things," "Pet Cementary," "Pet Cementary 2," and many others. I have lots of them on VHS (Including both versions of The Shining) and two on DVD. I never really noticed him on tv except when he makes a short role on some of his movie, which are usually on for a few minutes. I really like his work. The first one of his movies I saw was "Cugo." I hope he continues writing, and I hope that more books will be mad into movies.