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  • Simply Amazing!

    Thanks to Stephen King, the brilliant author who hails from Maine, I am now afraid of clowns. His book It, about a killer clown who pops up every twenty-seven years in Derry, Maine, terrified me when I read it. Originally, I saw the movie and that made me scared. But when I read the novel, which was a amazing book, it deepened my fear. King is a marvelous writer, one who makes you question what you believe. My dad originally hooked me onto the books, and even though I am only fourteen, I have read quite a few. Even though King is a brialliant horror writer, (See It, Carrie, Desperation and Cell for good references) he is also good at writing other genres) The Green Mile isn't exactly a horror novel, but it is one of my favorite King novels. He has wrote a few non fiction books which are also good. But, I must say, I really love his short story collections. I am currently halfway through Nightmares and Dreamscapes, and although there are a few floozy's so far, I'm really enjoying the book. It is impossible to put down. Another thing I enjoy about King is that he trys to keep all his books set in Maine, or he will refer to some of his previous works in a current book. King is definatly a master at what he does, and I will keep trying to read my way through all his books,(even though he occasinally drops a floozy, or book I don't like, Dreamcatcher for example.)