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    • Kathy Bates, Drew Barrymore, John Cusack, Pat Hingle, Ed Harris, Timothy Hutton, Thomas Jane, and Steven Weber are so far the only actors to participate in more than one movie based on Stephen's books.

      Kathy Bates:
      - Misery
      - Dolores Claiborne
      - The Stand

      Drew Barrymore:
      - Cat's Eye
      - Firestarter

      John Cusack:
      - Stand By Me
      - 1408 Ed Harris:
      - Creepshow
      - Needful Things
      - The Stand

      Pat Hingle:
      -Maximum Overdrive
      -The Shining (Made for TV remake)

      Timothy Hutton:
      -The Dark Half
      -Secret Window

      Thomas Jane:
      -The Mist

      Steven Weber:
      -The Shining (Made for TV remake)