Stephen Ladyman MP

Stephen Ladyman MP



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Stephen Ladyman



Also Known As

Stephen, Ladyman, roads transport minister
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Dr. Stephen Ladyman is an extremely controversial character in the United Kingdom. He is a member of the New Labour Parliament, and the Roads' Transport Minister. In 1995 he was appointed as Chairman of Finance at Thanet Council. In the United Kingdom general election of 1997, he was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He is married to Janet Baker and has one step-daughter, two step-sons and one daughter.

    • He was forced to step down from his small anti-speed group after he announced he would be sad if the controversial motoring show Top Gear would be axed.

    • His government responsibilities currently include:

      Managing the Highways Agency and main roads in Britain.
      Reducing vehicles and fuel emissions.
      Shipping ad ports.
      Being a Europe minister.
      Growth and regional strategy.
      Road safety.
      Transport technology and research.

    • His interests include golf, DIY and football.

    • Despite arguing that we are well-informed of speed camera locations, Stephen has a speed camera detector in his car.

    • Stephen supports animal testing.

    • His position in life means he has been referred to several times on the BBC's motoring programme Top Gear.

    • He has only ever featured on news programmes and Top Gear.

    • During his guest appearance on Top Gear, he openly admitted that he likes cars and has nine points on his driving license.

  • Quotes

    • Stephen Ladyman: We put up the speed camera, paint it yellow, put up warning signs and print a list of them on the internet. If you're still getting caught, who's fault's that?