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Stephen Lovatt


5/27/1964, New Zealand

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Stephen Lovatt


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Born in 1964, New Zealand born Stephen Lovatt is a professional actor who is most famous for his role in the Australian soap Neighbours. He announced his depature from the soap in 2007. He is a graduate of the Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Stephen won "Best Male Performance of the Year" for his role in the play When the Rain Stops Falling in the The Herald, The Sunday Herald & The Listener Awards.

    • Stephen's recent theatre credits include:
      (2011) The Only Child "Alfred", Silo Theatre, dir. Shane Bosher
      (2010) When The Rain Stops Falling "Gabriel/Henry", Silo Theatre, dir. Shane Bosher
      (2009) The Scene "Charlie", Silo Theatre, dir. Peter Elliott
      (2009) Moonlight & Magnolias, Melbourne Theatre Co., dir. Bruce Beresford
      (2007) The Real Thing "Henry", Silo Theatre, dir. Shane Bosher
      (2006) The End of the Golden Weather, one man show, Herald Theatre, dir. Mark Clare
      (2004) Saphires "The Manager", Melbourne Theatre, dir. Wesley Enoch
      (2002) Leah, "Edmund", NZ Actors Company, dir. Simon Bennett
      (2000) Cat On A Hot Tin Roof "lead", Downstage Theatre
      (2000) A Midsummer Nights Dream "Puck", NZ Actors Company, dir. Simon Bennett
      (1999) Foreskin's Lament "Irish", ATC
      (1996) The Changeling "Lollio", Watershed Theatre
      (1995/6) Arcadia "Septimus Hodge", Circa Theatre

    • Stephen has appeared in several short films, including Horses (2008), Serendipity (1999), and Dirty Dave (1995).

    • Stephen has made several nonbroadcast videos, including those for the 1996 training film Understanding the Law, the 1991 I.R.D. film, one in 1990 for the business Telecom, and for the N.Z.T.P.O.. He has also made over twenty radio commercials.

    • Stephen is 5'11" tall, with dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

    • Stephen describes his enjoyment of the works of Bob Dylan as a passion, but he also loves the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, and he says they alternate as his favorites.

    • One of Stephen's favorite scenes from his show Neighbours is when he sees Steph, who had just broken up with his character Max without giving him a reason, in the hospital with her parents. He is unsure about talking with her, but tracks her down to discover that she broke it off because she has breast cancer and didn't want him and his children to have to watch her fighting for her life.

    • Stephen has a brother who is four years older than him named Alistair, and a sister Fiona who is three years older.

    • As a native of New Zealand working as an actor in Australia, Stephen is amused by Australia's claiming his fellow Kiwi actors such as Russell Crowe and Keisha Castle-Hughes as their own. At least, until Russell decks somebody, and then Stephen says that they are quick to remember that he's a Kiwi!

    • Stephen plays the guitar.

    • Stephen enjoys horseback riding, skate boarding, swimming, and wind surfing.

    • In 1995, Stephen won the Chapman Tripp Award for "Best Actor" for his role of "Septimus Hodge" in Tom Stoppard's play Arcadia.

    • In 2003, Stephen was nominated for "Best Digital Feature Performance" in This Is Not a Love Story at the New Zealand Film and Television Awards.

    • Stephen has a son named Seamus, born in 1989, and a daughter named Coco, who was born in 2002. He describes Seamus as "a cool dude-Seamus is affable, easygoing and intelligent. He's much cooler and even tempered than me." He says Coco has "got a bit of my fire, but she's great, too!"

    • Stephen has worked professionally as an actor since the age of 21, and admits that he has never had a "normal" job.

    • Stephen has done many commercials, including those for K-Mart Kids Wear, John West Tuna, and the Australian Army.

    • Stephen is represented professionally by the firm Kathryn Rawlings Actors. He is also listed with Bigmouth Voices as a voice artist.

    • Stephen made a cameo appearance in the 2006 movie Superman Returns as one of the reporters from the Daily Planet.

    • Stephen auditioned for the role of Faramir in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. He did not win the role.

    • In 2006 Stephen was awarded "Australia's Brainiest Neighbour" after winning an Australia's Brainiest special on TV.

  • Quotes

    • Stephen: (on his Australian soap "Neighbours") It hadn't run on television in New Zealand for a long time and I was shocked to to hear if was still around!

    • Stephen: I can't get by without lively, heated and informed political discussion. I love it but, being a terribly opinionated big-nose, I try to keep in mind the adage that 'It's a better man today who can change his mind tomorrow.' A healthy scepticism of one's own opinions is, I think, a very good thing.

    • Stephen: (on his daughter seeing him perform on stage) My partner took our daughter to see me in the show, and we said to her for days 'when dad comes on, don't say dad, hello dad'. Well you know, it was just so full on, so bad, at the end of it my partner was just sweaty with worry, she'd been doing everything she could to manage this 4 year old girl, who all she wanted to do was scream out 'dad! I'm here!'

    • Stephen: (on his costume for "Xena" as Hades) I love the wardrobe for this character. There`s this enormous crushed velvet gown, very grand and refined... and then underneath it is this studded leather, bondage-wrapped sort of demonic-looking wardrobe. It`s sensational!

    • Stephen: (on his show "Neighbours") The opportunity to work uninterrupted in front of the cameras is a good thing for me- I'm shooting with multiple cameras for the first time, which is brilliant. It's like performing short stints of theatre everyday!