Stephen Lunsford





11/25/1989 , Sacramento, CA

Birth Name

Stephen Sean Lunsford-White




Stephen Lunsford was born in Sacramento,CA on November 25, 1989 where he was raised until the age of 6. He moved with his mother to Orlando Florida to help take care of aging grand parents. He attended Brookshire Elementary, always being the class clown he was often sent to the principle's office. As a way to release some of his creative

energy, his mother put him in an acting Stephen was hooked and it kept him out of trouble with the principle. His first acting job was a commercial for Universal Studios Florida Island of Adventure. Soon after Stephen, his mother, great-grandfather (98) and 2 dogs moved to

Burbank, CA. He enjoys being on a competitive swim team, his two best strokes are butterfly and free He has also taken on the challenge of learning ice hockey. He won the role of Young Drew on a television pilot "This Time

Around", which was never aired.