Stephen Martines





7/23/1975 , St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Birth Name

Stephen Scott Martines




After a knee injury prevented him from playing professional soccer, Stephen moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He had only $200 and nowhere to go, leaving his car and local gym his home base. In LA, Stephen met his agent in a restaraunt, and within a year, was hired on General Hospital. Before that, he guest starred on various television shows and in independent films.

Much of his supoprt is drawn from his family, and his late father is his biggest inspiration. Stephen is nephew to musician Guy Lombardo and is currently working on his second album. In his spare time, Coltin enjoys playing soccer in a semi-professional league and writing and recording songs.

During his tenure on General Hospital, Stephen was using the professional moniker 'Coltin Scott'. After the death of his father, Stephen reverted to his birth name, and has been working as 'Stephen Martines' ever since.
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