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  • Not bad actor.

    Really only a pretty face.
  • Stephen (Coltin) is VERY talented in both acting and singing!!

    Coltin Scott. Also known as Stephen Martines. (Or Stephen Coltin Scott Martines) is an awesome actor!!
    I first saw him on General Hospital! I was sad when he left, but I really hope he\'ll persue his singing career. He is an awesome singer!!
    Anyway, Stephen is VERY talented, in both acting and like I said, singing!!!
    Not to mention gorgeous!
  • Stephen Martines, formerly known as Coltin Scott, is one of my Favorite Actors. He has his own website, and also has a Myspace page for his fans to keep in touch with what he is up to.

    Stephen is a Charismatic, Dedicated and Talented Actor. He is also a Musician and Singer. I have watched him perform on stage, during 2000 Super Soap Weekend where he sang songs that he had written. I have had the chance to meet him in person. He is Awesome!!! I love his work on General Hospital, as Prince Nikolas. I started watching GH because of him. I watched and enjoyed his portrayal of Tony Santos, on Guiding Light, where he was a Mobster that fell in love with his cousin's wife. Now, I get to see Stephen play Parker Elian. The character is Rich, Gorgeous, In Charge and on a Vengence to take back what his mother lost, when Alexander Preston left them. Yesterday's ending was Fabulous, watching Parker end the deal, with the Gaming Licensing person. I did not see that coming!!! Awesome Show and a Fantastic Portrayal of the Character, Parker Eliam.