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  • Very Nice..

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  • Definately a wampire...

    I saw him in true blood for the first time. Actually I have watched the movie Prince Valliant but it was not a so good one that I didn't pay too much attention to the leading actor. But in True Blood he is phenomenal. He is such a great actor that plays his role so passionately.
    I love the chemistry between him and Sookie. They make it so real that, sometimes I doubt in real there is something going on between them.
    With a great plot and great acting, True Blood is one of my favorite show in summer time.
    I hope to see Stephen in the big screen movie too.
  • Validation!

    As the man who may just have proven to that rarefied world of TV execs that vampires and vampire stories can indeed succeed on Prime Time TV, I tip my hat to Stephen Moyer, and have to call him "trendsetter".
    Of course, he has help from a great story line (really good stories ALWAYS work...use them more often!) and a marvelous supporting cast. Not to mention a network with some originality AND gumption AND execs who remember that TV is there to tell original stories...not rehash tired concepts.
    But he sure has my vampire-loving heart with True Blood, and I am on a quest to find other Stephen Moyer "stuff"!
  • I absolutely love the show! Alan Ball has done a fantastic job....AGAIN! I have never been that much into watching a series but this one has really (sucked) me in and I can't wait to start season 2.

    Stephen Moyer is the main reason I watch the show! Well him and Anna! Those two have got a chemistry that just will not quit! Bill is so sexy and sweet and Sookie is innocent and eager to learn! I really hope that they continue to stay a couple! Go Stephen you are AWESOME!!! True Blood is the Best new show on TV!!! Alan Ball has taken the books and done his own thing with the show and for that I am thankful. The actors are all doing such a wonderful job and I really hate to see some of them go but I'm afraid we are losing one of the really talented ones. Cliffhangers are a pain, haha.
  • Stephen plays truley a great one! He acts with passion and realizm. Love the bantor between him and "Sookie" They make a great team and I am looking forward to seeing what trials and tribulations that they will overcome in the future.

    Keep it up. Make it count. I think that this show is truley different. It brings a great twist into the TV world. Stephen is unershing a whole new class of night dwellers, making it hip, darker and more appealing to the eye! With his courageous, uncoventional and wry humor it is making it hard NOT to watch this show as I wait unpatiently from week to week to see what is going to happen next. Exceptionally great casting and the on screen dinamics from charactor to charactor seems to have been well thought out. I hope that this family of stars keeps it together and continues to play well with others in the future so that there will be seasons ans seasons to come and keep us fully entertained. Thank you.
  • empty

    I think Stepehen Moyer is a major HOTTY!!!!. I love to watch True Blood, with him in it. I would
    absolutely love to meet him. He is an excellent
    actor. I wonder why he has not been more successful
    in his acting career? I was wondering if he is
    married? Supposedly he has two children. That's all
    I have heard about him.