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    • Stephen: (On working with co-presenter Holly Willoughby) It's really great working with Holly because she's always up for anything and feels so comfortable with all the different illusions. Usually, when you tell a woman that you want to saw her in half, her reaction is 'ummmm, I don't know about that'. But when I tell Holly that I've got a new illusion I want to try out on her, her usual reaction is 'great - how many pieces am I going to be in this time?' I think she really enjoys being sawed in half, and actually looks forward to it. Yeah, she was a bit nervous before the first time I sawed her in half but, once I'd sawed through her and separated her halves, she realised it was nothing to worry about and started to enjoy it.

    • Stephen: I used to go to Butlins Minehead every year with my family - I've got two brothers and a sister - and it was after doing a magic act for their talent contest that they offered me a job. It was a great training ground, there's not many places you can learn to perform like that.

    • Stephen: I've always loved entertaining so I've been to my fair share of auditions. My father taught me some basic magic tricks when I was a kid and by 18 I was a member of the Magic Circle.

    • Stephen: (On working with Britain's Got Talent judge David Walliams) David and I love winding each other up. I'd play practical jokes on tour - I'd leave framed photos of me in his dressing room and force him to wear badges with my name on.

    • Stephen: I always like to get the contestants laughing and larking about on the show, especially if they've had a tough time on stage.

    • Stephen: This year on BGT, the producers told me I was going to be talking to this lady called Julie, who had come cos she was my Number One Fan. She brought flowers for me and there was this bit where I was feeding her strawberries when she told me she dreams about me every night and fantasises about me every day. And I thought to myself, 'Ah, OK'. Er, that was quite 'special'.

    • Stephen: I was doing a stage show in Blackpool, and for the finale I'd get a guy up on stage, ask him for a fiver or a tenner, get him to sign it and make it disappear. One night this bloke hands over a tenner and as he's signing it I could hear this thudding noise, and his wife was walking up onto the stage – a big girl she was – and started having a go at him: 'Where did you get that from? You never had that this afternoon when I wanted a burger!' She snatched the money, slapped him round the face and stormed back to her seat. All I could say was, 'I can't beat that, thanks so much, all the best and goodnight.' I walked off stage and the guy's standing there with a huge hand mark on his face.

    • Stephen: When I was on CITV, we used to have a bet about who could get a rude word into the links. The best one I did was where the kids had to call in during Sabrina The Teenage Witch and tell me the name of her cat. The word I had to get in was 'dildo'. And so it was, 'Do give us a call on whatever number it was and dildo carefully'.