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    • In 2013, Stephen won three awards for his animated short film Shelved: Best Animated Short at the New York International Film Festival, Best Animated Film at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, and Best Animated Characters at the Los Angeles Movie Awards.

    • In 2009, Stephen appeared in a commercial for Jameson Whiskey which aired in the USA, Canada & Puerto Rico.

    • Stephen was born in 1959.

    • In 2010, Stephen won"Best of Theatre 2010" for Silent Night as director at the NZ Herald Best of Theatre Awards.

    • Stephen worked for 10 years at the Wellington pay office of New Zealand Railways.

    • Stephen's play The Hollow Men was the subject of a good deal of controversy in New Zealand because it is based on actual politicians and members of the media. Stephen performed as the play's main character Don Brash, Leader of the Opposition (the National Party) in the country's Parliament as well as Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Many of the politicians and reporters involved in the play's story were present on opening night to see just how bad they were going to be portrayed as being.

    • Stephen is an experienced stage fighter and fencer. He frequently got the opportunity to use these abilities in his show Jack of All Trades.

    • Stephen has done numerous commercials, including those for Freya's Traditional White Bread, City Backpackers travel packages, Pine-o Clean Disinfectant, and Eskimo Ice Boxes.

    • Stephen is trained to act using various accents, including American, British (RP and regional), South African, and French.

    • Stephen has performed in a number of short films, including Lemming Aid (1993), which won Best Short Film at Cannes; Possum (1998), which has won several awards from film festivals around the world, The Waiting Room, and 2011's Lipstick, for the NZ Film Academy.

    • In 2004, Stephen, along with Mark Clare and Graeme Bennett, began adapting the screenplay of The End of the Golden Weather into a one-man play, intending to perform it at the Herald Theatre. Unfortunately, work committments elsewhere prevented Stephen from reprising his award winning role of Firpo, so the role was taken over by Stephen Lovatt of Neighbours fame.

    • Stephen's theatre credits include:
      (2012) Third Person Tense, "Man", Pandora Theatre/Basement Theatre, Dir. Mark Clare
      (2012) The Motor Camp, "Frank Redmond", Court Theatre, Dir. Tim Bartlett
      (2012) Much Ado About Nothing, "Don Pedro", Court Theatre, Dir. Ross Gumbly
      (2011) The Pitman Painters, "Harry", Q Theatre, Dir. Paul Gittins
      (2011) Midnight in Moscow, "Boris Pasternak", Court Theatre, Dir. Ross Gumbly
      (2011) The Bear "Grigory Stepanovitch Smirnov", Victoria Theatre, Outbox Theatre Company, dir. Steve Morrison
      (2011) Mike & Virginia "Harry", Herald Theatre, dir. Te Radar
      (2010) Mark Twain And Me In Maoriland "Mark Twain", NZ International Arts Festival/Taki Rua, dir. Anna Marbrook
      (2009) The Thirty-Nine Steps "Various", Auckland Theatre Company, dir. Ross Gumbley
      (2007) Thom Pain "Lead", The Court Theatre (2006) Ying Tong "Spike Milligan", dir. Ross Gumbley
      (2006) A Long Days' Journey Into Night "Jaimie", dir. Sue Rider
      (2003) Amadeus "Salieri", The Real Theatre Company
      (2001) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Maidment Theatre, Auckland, dir. Colin McColl
      (1997-8) Saving Grace, Herald Theatre, Auckland, and Century Theatre in Napier, dir. David Coddington
      (1995) Othello, Watershed Theatre, dir. Michael Hurst
      (1994) City of Hands, Bats Theatre, dir. Stephen Bain
      (1993) Equus, Bats Theatre, Wellington, NZ, dir. Stephen Bain
      (1993) Lovelock's Dream Run, Centrepoint Theatre, dir. Alison Quigan

    • In 1992, Stephen won "Best Performance, Male" for the movie End of the Golden Weather at the New Zealand Film and Televsion Awards.

    • In 2000, Stephen co-wrote and performed the one-man play Blowing It. Stephen Sinclair, the other writer, also directed the play. Stepehn received a Nomination for "Best Actor" for the show at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards in 2000.

    • Stephen sings, and plays the guitar and the harmonica.

    • Stephen is 6'2" tall, with balding blonde hair and blue eyes.

    • Stephen is represented professionally by the firm Auckland Actors.

    • In 2005, Stephen took part as an actor in the inaugural the "Play in a Day" competition. Ten directors, ten playwrights, and thirty actors are given twenty-four hours to write a play, rehearse, and then perform it for an audience, and only the most experienced people were chosen to fill the positions.

  • Quotes

    • Stephen: I tend to get the more character parts but I'm quite happy with the variety of roles I've been playing.

    • Stephen: (on acting) It was something I needed to do, rather than wanted to do. Sometimes it's satisfying, sometimes you look back and pick yourself to pieces.

    • Stephen: (on his inspiration for his play "Blowing It") The bit about the dog is a complete work of fiction, but a lot of it is drawn from real life. An ex-undercover cop was happy to talk to me about his work and that's where the idea came from.