Stephen Snedden

Stephen Snedden


7/1/1971, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Birth Name

Stephen Francis Snedden



Also Known As

Steve Sneedon
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According to the Official XF Magazine, Snedden was born and raised in Oklahoma (he's a Tulsa native). He took a few acting classes at Oklahoma State University, major in theatre and television production, and moved to LA following graduation.


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  • A man with boyish looks and a mellow aura, he was a star on "The Lone Gunmen" and, in my opinion, oftentimes stole the show.

    Stephen... I first saw him on "The Lone Gunmen" and he amazed me. He's a great actor, he captures Jimmy Bond's essence perfectly and makes him a likable person who isn't the sharpest tool in the box (according to some) yet has the "innocence" intelligence factor and other talents none of the others possess. Stephen's charm is thick and oozy, I can't imagine anyone else playing Jimmy with such success. It would have been great to see Jimmy win Yves over--he was about to before the show ended. I also wish the show would have had a longer run, Jimmy fascinated me and I wanted to see if Langley would ever say something nice to him...moreless