Stephen Ure

Stephen Ure


3/28/1958, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Stephen Ure


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Stephen lives in New Zealand, in spite of being an Australian. He has one sibling, an older sister. Both parents, his mother Chalice and his father David are deceased. His parents were second- generation Australians of Irish, Scottish and English descent.

Stephen first started acting when he was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Stephen's short film credits include:
      (2010) Meathead "Box Guy", Eyeworks Films and Drama Limited, dir. Sam Holst
      (2008) Finders Keepers, Sweetshop, dir. Melany Bridge
      (2007) Inside, dir. Andrew Denton
      Fluff, Maxim Films, dir. Andrew McCarten
      Dirty Dave "Cowboy", dir. Jayne Cooper
      Cat Of Nine, Kitten Tongue Prods, dir. Gillian Roberts
      Warm Gun "Wayne", The Ltd, dir. Stephen Batt
      Absolutely, Positively Richard "Stan", Quarry Films, dir. Kevin J Wilson

    • Stephen has worked as a silver service waiter between acting jobs.

    • Stephen's theatre credits include:
      The Lover "Milkman" Magic Productions - Dir David Coddington
      The Dumb Waiter "Ben" - Bats Theatre
      Strictly Off The Wall "Richard" Bats Theatre
      Twelfth Night "Malvolio" Revels Collective - Dir Elizabeth O'Connor
      The Killing of Angel Dunleavy "Sparky" - Dir D. McSwan
      Amadeaus "Joseph II" - Dir Stuart Tils
      After The Rain "Cpt Hunter" - Dir D. McSwan
      Snow Angel "Johnny" - Dir William Rowe
      Hayfever "Richard" - Dir William Rowe
      Look Back in Anger "Jimmy Porter" - Dir D.McSwan
      Trouble in the Works "Sir" - Dir Chris Clark
      Harry's Christmas "Happy" - Dir J.Holland
      One's Company "Harold" - Dir J.Holland
      Equus "Dysart" - Dir Chris Clark
      Romeo and Juliet "Mercutio" - Dir Greg Forbes
      The Tempest "Stephano" - Dir Mark Slocum
      The Taming of the Shrew "Petruchio" - Dir Greg Forbes

    • Stephen speaks French.

    • Stephen enjoys horseback riding, cricket, boxing, and high diving.

    • Stephen is represented professionally by Gail Cowan Management.

    • Stephen frequently appears at conventions for The Lord of the Rings.

    • Stephen was trained by the special effects team WETA how to move his features enough to transmit his expressions through the thickness of his latex satyr mask for The Chronicles of Narnia. He had previously worked in a WETA mask in The Lord of the Rings, but director Peter Jackson was less concerned about him changing facial expressions as a orc in those movies.

    • Stephen is one of fifteen Kiwi actors suing New Line Cinema for merchandizing royalties for The Lord of the Rings movies. Over 13.5 million dollars worth of merchadise using Stephen's images as Grishnakh and Gorbag has been sold and he has not received a penny in royalties.

    • Stephen is featured in several autograph trading cards for the Lord of the Rings movies, including one for Grishnakh. He also has several cards from the show Xena for his roles as Monlik and Werfner.

    • Stephen was delivered by his father in the back seat of a taxi as his mother was being driven to the hospital.

    • Stephen is credited with appearing as two different orcs in the movies The Two Towers and The Return of the King. He also played an orc in the first part of the trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, but unfortunately his scene with the villain Saruman was cut, and his role was lost.

    • Stephen is 5'7 3/4", with brown hair and green eyes.

  • Quotes

    • Stephen: (on his lawsuit against New Line Cinema) We do realize we're picking a fight with a giant. The only thing I know for certain that's going to happen out of this is, win or lose, New Line [isn't] going to offer me another job in a hurry.

    • Stephen: (on his work on "The Lord of the Rings" movies) Pretty much whenever an orc delivered dialogue it was me.