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  • One of the sole survivors on the show

    Stephenie LaGrossa is the sole survivor, and should have won the million dollar prize. First on Survivor Palau, and then came back for Survivor Guatamala, she lasted much longer on the second show, becoming the runner-up. Steph is a star, and I see a very bright future for her. She became the only member of Ulong tribe in season 10, and even though she didn't win either time she was on Survivor, she is the sole survivor who outplayed, outlived, and outlasted everyone. And she did it twice! Now that's what I call an accomplishment. Stephenie will always be the sole survivor in my eyes, even though she didn't win.
  • All-Time Favorite Survivor & Reality Star

    Stephenie is indeed my all-time favorite Survivor as well as being my all time favorite reality star
    I felt really bad for her when she was the only person in the Ulong trible, as for the first time in the show's history, there was a tribe with only one person
    She was smart, physical, and a threat
    Even though she was whiney in Guatemala, glad that she got second place.
  • Should have been Sole Survivor.

    What can I say about Stephenie LaGrossa? First, I must say that Stephenie sure plays a mean game of Survivor and is very competitive, something which she brought to the game.

    I must admit, when Steph was a contestant on "Survivor: Palau", I wasn't that much of a fan of hers when the show started. However, as the show wore on and I saw how determinley and hard she was playing the game, my thoughts of her changed from dislike to respect and admiration because she was the sole survivor of the Ulong tribe in Palau.

    When Stephenie came back for a new season with "Survivor: Guatemala", I must say even though I still liked watching her play the game, I found her to be slightly whiney when it came to having food to eat. That however, didn't deter her from trying her hardest to win how every many challenges she could, and even though she only won one individual immunity challenge, and wore a huge target on her back through this past season, that didn't stop her from trying her best to win, just to prove to others that she deserved to be where she was.

    In all, what I enjoy the best about Stephenie LaGrossa is her heart that she has when she plays the tough game of "Survivor". And with that, I'd like to say that I will always be a fan of this Reality Show Star.