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    • (About appearing on Survivor: Guatemala)
      Stephenie: Coming into the game, I didn't think I would get far. But when I did, there were only two people who were blindsided on the jury. After Jamie and Judd were in the jury, it became obvious that I was the right person to take to the end – back at Jury camp, one bad seed spoils the bunch. That was when it became obvious I couldn't win.

    • Stephenie: Palau I seemed to be the perfect princess, this time I was competitive and sometimes the bad guy. I played competitively both times. I think there is a happy medium to me. I'm not perfect or horrible. I've always had to work hard for everything I've gotten in life. I went in to bust my butt and I hope people can respect me for that. I played the game the way it was designed to be played.

    • (Talking about a letter she recieved while on Survivor: Palau from Michael)
      Stephenie: My boyfriend kissed his letter with, I think, eye shadow he found at my house, because it was orange! He wrote, 'Here's a kiss from me to you with your own lipstick – or at least I think it's lipstick.' I was laughing so hard!

    • (About getting married on the beach)
      Stephenie: We're huge beach people. He loves to surf. I love the beach. We wanted to definitely have something on the beach.

    • (About waiting 8 years to get married)
      Stephenie: We've always been really close. But I met him so young that I was in no rush to get married, and even though he's six years older, neither was he.

    • Stephenie: I've never owned my own car, and I'm in desperate need of one. (When talking about the reward challenge in the Big Win, Big Decision. Big Mistake? episode.)