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Sterling K. Brown


Sterling K. Brown Fan Reviews (2)

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    Sterling (Kelby) has done an amazing job in selecting roles of the most fantastic new shows. I now look to see what presentations he has coming up and I make sure to view them. Brown is an oustanding actor and his wife can act a little herself. If your a fan of Sterling, you might enjoy Ryan Michelle Bathe as well.
  • Really great bad guy, but totally under-appreciated.

    I love him in Supernatural. He is so crazy and evil. He is completely nuts and a huge thorn in the main characters sides. He has an air about him. I enjoy watching him on screen when he is plotting and what not. I like his voice. It's kind to a point then it is completely malicious. He has talent. He could improve in some areas like his eyes, being able to look evil and then look nice and convincing. Otherwise I think he is really great. I really hope to see him on TV more, for I have really only witnessed him in Supernatural. Really great actor all in all though.