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  • he was beast in xmen 2 but they are replacing him with kelsey grammer for the next one

    dude, the guy was beast in xmen 2 (a small role, he was on the tv in the background) but for the upcoming xmen movies, he has been replaced with kelsey grammer. i guess that makes since because i could easily see kelsey grammer as beast, real sciency and stuff.
  • This guy has one thing going against him...

    ...he's too _________.

    He's too sexy. -muscular. -short. -unknown.

    Yeah, he's one of 'those'. Not well-known enough to pull off the leading role for something HUGE. Also, he's too _________, to be put side-by-side another actor as a co-star without drawing too much attention to himself. Scene stealer. (Also, he's on a television program with Kevin Sorbo. I think Kevin Sorbo is like... HELLA tall, so everyone looks short, by comparison. This guy is over 6'... maybe 6'2".)

    I think this guy 'has the chops' to deliver, from what I've seen. I'm a Sci-Fi buff (mostly books) that occassionally watches the Sci-Fi Channel and have come to appreciate GOOD ACTING. I haven't seen enough of him to compare him to the phenomenal Patrick Stewart and hold him in the same regard, but I would go so far as to say that he's an actor of quite an impressive caliber. I imagine that he could anchor/carry a show and maintain viewer loyalty, provided that all necessities that go without saying exist. He's in the same league as Hugh Jackman; Julian McMahon. Sexy, talented, non-US import.

    I would probably watch a non-SciFi television program, if this actor were featured. Truth be told: Whoopi Goldberg is the one that got me hooked into SciFi, as I saw her on Star Trek: TNG and have been having Star Trek withdrawls ever since the Enterprise series ended. Hell, I'd watch a new Star Trek series if they want to use Steve Bacic as a Captain of Enterprise.
  • Steve Bacic - I need more! After Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda ended I'm in severe withdrawal. When will someone snap up this underrated actor and give him a series lead? He can carry a lead role - and he's mighty fine to look at - plus funny!

    He didn't have a lot to work with on Andromeda, but he made the most of what he had.
    I'd definitely watch him in an Andromeda spin-off - or in whatever else he might put his talents to.

    I agree - he could be another interesting import like Hugh Jackman and Julian McMahon. Major hunks who can do both drama, romance and humor.

    Why - oh, why did they cast Kelsey Grammer as Beast? I was really looking forward to seeing Bacic expand on his 3 seconds as Hank McCoy in X-Men 2.

    Btw - he is 6'1", so not small at all - only compared to Sorbo's 6'3".
  • I never seen a hotter guy. No matter what he is playing allien ,human, mobster or next door neighbor. He is knuckle bitting hot.

    I have seen alot of his moives and T.V. shows. From andromeda to deception to X2 to the x-files. He is a great actor. Always is believable no matter who he plays and looks sexy doing it. He is talented and should have more parts in T.V. and moives. Iknow I would like to see more of is hot sexy self. Ain't I right girls.
  • great actor

    Was born on March 13, 1965 in Lisicic, Croatia. "Having grown up in a small blue-collar town" his first career choice was to become either a coach or a physical therapist. After graduating high school he went on to university, where he earned an honours degree in kinesiology.

    At the age of 25 he had his own auto refurbishing business, and was doing quite well in life, but was questioning his career choice.
    He spent some time in Vancouver and and got sidetracked, although intrigued with the feature film and TV production business, he wasn't certain it was right for him. A year later Steve returned to Vancouver and began taking acting classes. At this time he worked as as a waiter so support himself. He met Ethan Hawke and Stephen Dorff, who offered him extra work in their movies. His first tv role was as a guest star on 21 Jump Street

    For fourteen years, Steve Bacic has done everything from tickle people's funny bones to send chills up their spines with his performances on the small and big screens.Steve has appeared in tv productions like The Outer Limits, Stargate SG-1, Smallville and The X-Files. He's also appeared in movies such as The 6th Day, Threshold, X2 and the Hallmark Channel film The Colt.

    He edited, wrote, produced and also starred in Teacher, an independent feature film.
  • I have seen Steve in many shows and he is a very talented actor. Give him any role and sure he could do the roll. Meet him in person also and is really a great guy, smart, funny and very charming. If you have the chance to meet him do.

    Very versatile actor, can play any role with great style and grace. Very good looking and easy to watch. I have seen shows where he does comedy, drama and even science fiction. If you would like more information on Steve check out his website at, think you will enjoy it.