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  • This guy has one thing going against him...

    ...he's too _________.

    He's too sexy. -muscular. -short. -unknown.

    Yeah, he's one of 'those'. Not well-known enough to pull off the leading role for something HUGE. Also, he's too _________, to be put side-by-side another actor as a co-star without drawing too much attention to himself. Scene stealer. (Also, he's on a television program with Kevin Sorbo. I think Kevin Sorbo is like... HELLA tall, so everyone looks short, by comparison. This guy is over 6'... maybe 6'2".)

    I think this guy 'has the chops' to deliver, from what I've seen. I'm a Sci-Fi buff (mostly books) that occassionally watches the Sci-Fi Channel and have come to appreciate GOOD ACTING. I haven't seen enough of him to compare him to the phenomenal Patrick Stewart and hold him in the same regard, but I would go so far as to say that he's an actor of quite an impressive caliber. I imagine that he could anchor/carry a show and maintain viewer loyalty, provided that all necessities that go without saying exist. He's in the same league as Hugh Jackman; Julian McMahon. Sexy, talented, non-US import.

    I would probably watch a non-SciFi television program, if this actor were featured. Truth be told: Whoopi Goldberg is the one that got me hooked into SciFi, as I saw her on Star Trek: TNG and have been having Star Trek withdrawls ever since the Enterprise series ended. Hell, I'd watch a new Star Trek series if they want to use Steve Bacic as a Captain of Enterprise.