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Steve Bisley

Steve Bisley


12/26/1951, Lake Munmorah, New South Wales, Australia

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Steve Bisley


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Steve Bisley was born on December 26 1951, in Lake Munmorah. He is a well known actor in Australia, often called "The Biz" by colleagues and fans. He has starred in TV shows such as: Water Rats, Police Rescue, Halifax F.P and most recently, East of Everything and Sea Patrol.more


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    • Steve: It's the silliest thing to chase someone in a suit, especially in summer. And I've been in the harbour more often in my suit than my swimmers. Put it this way - you don't want to think about what's in that water too much.

    • Steve: Great television shows come from really good writing. Actors are only as good as their material.

    • Steve: I don't watch cop shows. I like docos. If I had pay TV I would never be off the Discovery Channel. That's what I really like.

    • Steve: [about his character on Water Rats] But my character is not at all like me. Jack is a bit of a loner, while I'm a people person. I think he's a good detective - he's been around long enough to know what works and what doesn't work. But he's not keen on people telling him what to do!

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