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Steve Blackwood

Steve Blackwood


5/13/1956, Detroit,Michigan

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Steven Blackwood
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Steve Blackwood is a native of Detroit, upon graduating from Oakland University in Rochester Michigan (THEATRE MAJOR) he moved to NYC. In NYC, he studied with "UTA HAGEN" for Theatre, while performing "IN HIS" by day, and performing with his own band (Business of the Blues) by night.…more


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  • He always made me laugh.

    I always enjoyed every scene on Days that Bart was in. He made me laugh alot with him being the jokable side kick to Stefano DiMera or Tony DiMera. I am writing 'was' instead of 'is' because the writers on this show, which I always have watched, decided to kill of Bart (definetly not needed). Bart may have been a character some never paid attention to, but I was thrilled when they brought him back this year to be again the bumbling 'adopted DiMera'. Just when I was enjoying him on the show, bam, they killed him. I'm just hoping that in the life of soaps, he really isn't dead, and he may show up one day. You will be missed Bart.moreless