Steve Braun

Steve Braun


8/14/1976, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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  • In one word: exquisite. Beautiful speaking voice, stunning blond looks, irresistible onscreen charisma, and a true acting talent. He can also sing, and is a very entertaining, thought-provoking writer with an impressive command of English.moreless

    I first saw Steve Braun in the indie The Trip, and it started my obsession with the truly gifted actor who is definitely not just a pretty face. His performance as gay Tommy Ballenger who's in love with closeted repressed Alan was terrific to say the least, and overshadowed everyone else in the movie. The subtle affection which coats every move he makes around Alan makes it all the more amazing to believe that in real life Steve Braun is straight. Everything, the loving smile and kiss he plants on Alan's shoulder after they first make love, how he licks his lip suggestively teasing Alan after Alan's parents leave, how he teases Alan about the initials on the necklace and then smiles affectionately and says he knows it stands for their initials, how he patiently waits for a hesitant Alan to say what he wanted to say despite being in a hurry for his TV interview after the book shocker... and many more instances where he is so obviously, and yet so subtly, head over heels for Alan, all make for a captivating performance. He captures the innocence and sass of Tommy Ballenger so masterfully that his performance alone is reason enough to watch the movie. His charismatic blond looks don't hurt either and turn up the heat in the few intimate scenes in the movie. The sexy blond Canadian is also gifted with the written word: His MovieScope magazine article and his blog are both entertaining and a pleasure to read, which is something considering I'm a die-hard stickler AND a copyeditor. Unable to find enough on Google to satisfy my infatuation with him, I checked YouTube and discovered he is a remarkable good singer and guitar player. He was also involved in the Obama campaign, and walked from Los Angeles to Nevada in three days as a declaration to the then-swing-state of the importance of its votes for Obama. Hot guy, with brains, wit, and charm. He will go places.moreless