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Steve Burns

Steve Burns


10/9/1973, Boyertown, PA

Birth Name

Steven Michael Burns



Also Known As

Rock Godlet, Steve Burns (V), Steven Burns
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Steve is best known as the lovable and educating owner of Blue the dog on Nick Jr.'s "Blue's Clues." However, he is also a musician and a talented actor in his own right. He also has produced several Blue's Clues episodes. His favorite hobby is music. That hobby…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • HE's awesome!!!!!....

    The one and should be only pal for Blue as U4ic said[and I completly agree].When he was on the show I was in HEAVEN.Then I was in the other place when Steve went bald and left the show and made the suckish singer and person Joe [forgot his real name]join.If he's wondering why is everyone not watching the show? then here's your answer:Because Steve is better!!In every single way!!!Steve and Blue are insepratable like PB and J and Joe are insepratable as horse radish and an actual horse.If the creators choose to air this again,then I suggest that you make steve shave,give him a wig,fire Joe,drop the stupid lie about Steve going to college, and pretend NOTHING happened.Steveis awesome,Joe sucks,and Steve is also a great actor everyone loves[just about].moreless
  • The original pal to Blue.

    We started watching Blues Clues during the first season. It was a show which entertained and enriched. Steve was an integral part of that.

    He always seemed to have wide eyes open to the world and always let us figure it out in a way that was not condescending.

    When we found out he was leaving the show, we were saddened, but we understood. The show and Steve did a great job transitioning to Joe and even bringing news from Steve back to the show a couple of times.

    My 9-year-old as me a month or so ago if Steve was done with college yet and would he come back to the show (keep in mind we haven't been regular watchers the past 2-3 years now), so it seems the show still has a warm place in her heart as does Mr. Burns.

    We wish him nothing but success, but be warned - if we get any inkling he'll show back up on the show in a guest spot we'll have our Tivo ready!moreless