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  • HE's awesome!!!!!....

    The one and should be only pal for Blue as U4ic said[and I completly agree].When he was on the show I was in HEAVEN.Then I was in the other place when Steve went bald and left the show and made the suckish singer and person Joe [forgot his real name]join.If he's wondering why is everyone not watching the show? then here's your answer:Because Steve is better!!In every single way!!!Steve and Blue are insepratable like PB and J and Joe are insepratable as horse radish and an actual horse.If the creators choose to air this again,then I suggest that you make steve shave,give him a wig,fire Joe,drop the stupid lie about Steve going to college, and pretend NOTHING happened.Steveis awesome,Joe sucks,and Steve is also a great actor everyone loves[just about].