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  • I wish he was on all of my favorite shows!

    Steve is easily one of the most talented actors I have evr seen. I do not just mean soaps. I was rivited by his performance in Taken, and really mad when those... killed him!
    I personally think that Galactica could use him. If he went on that show, he would get it through more seasons! You know why? Because people like me would get... off at the producers if they canceled it! Well, I am allready ... off, but whay can you do?
    I say... come ON movie producers! Open your eyes! You have one of the greatest talents right in front of you and you do not see him! Steven Speilberg thought he was great (which he is) so you all need to put him in your biggest blockbuster right now! People like me will give you the money you want for it!