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  • A character actor that lives up to his name!

    Steve Buscemi is one of the most prolific character actors of our time! The man can simply play any type of role and be totally convincing in it! There are very few actors active today(be whatever list they may be on)that can boast of the staggering number of different characters that Buscemi has brought to life on the screen. The most amazing thing about Buscemi is that he has never been typecast. His roles cover just about every classification. He does comedy as easily as heavy drama. Buscemi may hold one record that,while perhaps on the ghoulish side,is quiet an accomplishment for the lovers of morbidity. He has died in nearly every role that he has taken. It would be a treat to see Buscemi have more leading roles. Heaven knows that if any actor has "paid his dues",Buscemi has!!!
  • One of the all-time great actors who normal people don't know.

    Steve is one of the greatest niche/character actors of the past 10 years. In the same league as Christopher Walken, but he has been playing a wider variety of roles in the past decade...that is to say, he hasn't been quite as typecast as Walken.

    I won't go into a full biography, since you can get one by clicking some link at this very website, but I will recommend that people who have enjoyed him in more commercial movies (Airheads, Armageddon, Reservoir Dogs, or one of his "Big" movies [Lebowski, Daddy, Fish]) check out Living in Oblivion, which is a great movie overall and all the better for Steve. A rare leading role, and his support cast is also great.