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  • Steve Byrne is a Half-Korean, Half-Irish standup comedian who has appeared on Nbc's "the Real Wedding crashers" and his own one-hour special on comedy central.

    Steve Byrne is a funny comic, having seen him in person performing and meeting after a show of his. He has many funny parts to his standup routine, such as a Mac & Cheese joke too dirty for this web site. As usual, my review(for those familiar with my reviews on this site) is too short, so i am just going to go on and on and on and on and on and on and am i annoying you? Good. i love getting a kick out of things like that, annoying people anyway. not really, just adding words to fill inths review, ok, bye.
  • Steve Byrne: Funny, Sexy, Talented. Steve is awesome to watch on The Real Wedding Crashers. I love the fake British accent. Steve has a classic look and charm about him. He is extremely handsome. I would love to meet him one day. S Redick Dallas,

    Of all the actors on "The Real Wedding Crashers", I like Steve the best. He can play any character well. He can be funny, sexy, charming or just plain weird. I think Steve adds so much to the show and being so handsome certainly helps! He's the kind of man I would take as a date to a wedding. Ummmm, except not to crash it. I would love to know more about Steve and his future plans as an actor. I can tell that all of the cast have a great time with the show and do so well with conceiling what is really going on. The looks on the faces of the attendees at these weddings are priceless. Keep up the good work Steve.