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Steve Dildarian

Steve Dildarian

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  • The guy behind the lizard ad campaign for Budweiser, starts his off his career in TV with a bang.

    Rising HBO animator STEVE DILDARIAN has never feared sacrifice in the name of gainful employment. He has toiled over scalding asphalt. He has been locked in a cage. And he has voiced a talking toilet. The man is fearless, if not sometimes shameless.

    Steve's commercials have won many international advertising awards including over 35 Clios, six Cannes Lions and two British D&AD pencils for Excellence in Copywriting. In 2005, Adweek named him their National Copywriter All Star. Steve's debut animated short film, "Angry Unpaid Hooker," was given Best Animated Short at the 2006 Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, and became the basis for the The Life & Times of Tim.moreless