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Steve DiSchiavi

Steve DiSchiavi

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  • TOLD'S full of people trap between Earth and Haven...

    Hello: Steve,

    I really enjoy your shows. Might help if you carried a cross in pocket. Last Summer cable TV carried a all nigher (it was pass 3:00 AM) and it was really good. Prayed a whole bunch and tried to get rid of those ghost that where around.

    I like to help out the owner's of the old forgot the exact title of the show. Still I have connection's with the Lord and prayed to get rid of the poor soles in the Told's house was once a old hospital for the insane that owner was trying to convert into a hotel. My angle's said Told's house is cleared of the many Please see if it worked Told's place and the couple of other shows too? Either way If it did or didn't work I take that job getting rid of ghosts. As advertised during the Flint, MI pray from home so I don't need to need first name, real address or see it on cable TV show, would like to know who needs protection in this world from the spirt world and I can tell you a little bit about the place before you get there too. It's free, no charge it's just my part timemoreless