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    • Steve Earle: My main objection to the death penalty isn't about trying to save anybody on death row. It's about, If this is a democracy and the government kills somebody, then I'm killing somebody. I object to the damage that it does to my spirit. It's really, really simple.

    • Steve Earle: When you try as hard to kill yourself as I did with drugs and you don't die, you're around for a reason. And whenever I see something that I have an opportunity to do, I have to do it.

    • Steve Earle: A lot of people try to set me up to badmouth Nashville, and I hate the way country radio sounds now. But I didn't like a lot of it in the '80s when I was making records, and I really haven't liked a lot of it in a long time.

    • Steve Earle: Prison didn't cure me. Treatment is what cured me. Had I been given a long prison sentence without treatment, I'd probably be dead.

    • Steve Earle: As far as my music goes, I'm always changing. I guess that's a part of me. At one point in my life I knew I had to change or I would die. It's part of growing up. If you stop growing, you die.

    • Steve Earle: I used to be a folk singer. Now I'm a recovering folk singer.

    • Steve Earle: In a democracy, citizens are supposed to be involved and the better informed you are the more qualified you are to participate in that democracy.

    • Steve Earle: You see things differently at 40 than you do at 31. Especially if you got to 40 the way I did.

    • Steve Earle: Townes van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and I'll stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that.

    • Steve Earle: Before, I recorded in specific blocks of time. That's changed. Now everything revolves around making music for me. And it feels good.

    • Steve Earle: I do have sort of a spiritual center now that I didn't have before, but my spirituality is real retarded. It basically consists of `I believe there is a God, and it ain't me.' It's simple, but it works.

    • Steve Earle: Excuse the shades, but when you're this cool the sun shines all the time.

    • Steve Earle: Well, yeah, I'm just not scared of commitment. Or maybe not as scared as I should be.

    • Steve Earle: If Garth Brooks is a country artist then I hope to God I'm not.