Steve Guttenberg





8/24/1958 , New York

Birth Name

Steven Robert Guttenberg




Although Steve Guttenberg's roots lie in theater he has made a huge impact in the film industry and has starred in a string of hits, in most of which he has returned for sequels such as Three Men and a Baby and the Police Academy Series. Steve recently set up the Guttenhouse, a project he has funded to accommodate young people after their graduation from foster child status, with on-site social worker direction to assist their assuming adult responsibilities. In this capacity, he is spearheading Sight for Students, a $7,000,000 program in which, together with VSP and Altair Eyeglasses, he will help provide glasses for 50,000 underprivileged and visually challenged children throughout their school years
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  • © 2008 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.