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  • Steve brings life to the show with his incredible sense of humor, goofy facial expressions, and boyish charm. I think Reba is amazing and her comedic timing is spot on, but the show wouldn't be what it is without Van.

    I began watching the show because I was a fan of Reba's music. I continued watching the show because I like to laugh. Every episode is good for a laugh...laugh out loud laughs! While the Reba and Barbara Jean characters have no problem serving up the comedy, Steve Howey's character, Van, is the icing on the cake. The life he brings to his character and the show is extraordinary. He may be having an intimate, emotional on-screen moment - bringing the viewers into the heart of his character - and then with comedic precision, he delivers a punchline and we are laughing once again. A script can only go so far. This guy has talent! I hope we see much more of him in the future.
  • He is hot!

    I totally completely absolutely love Steve Howey! He is hilarious in Reba! I love his character Van! Oh my gosh! He is so funny! Every other thing that comes out of Van's mouth is dumb and goofy, and it cracks me up! Like when Van found out that Brock used to smoke, he said, "The oak tree doesn't grow far from the place where the acorn fell from it before it started to grow" or when he set up an online gambling account and said, "My screenname is screenname." Hahaha! He is so funny and hot! I wish I were Sarah Shahi! I'm so jealous!
  • Steve Howry

    I just love to watch Steve play this role, he makes the show. I would love to know more about him. How did he get this role? He is so funny when he says the word "hot" in some of the shows. When he put that exercise belt on and Jake turned it on, I was in the floor laughing. My partner was also in the floor laughing as well. I just love him. Thanks, Connie O'Briant, Kingsport, Tennessee How old is Steve? Also who is he seeing, I didnt know if the info was correct about him. I would like the show to come back. Thank you!
  • I Love Steve Howey!

    Steve Howey deserves to be bigger! He is one of my favorite actors. He can act, and he makes people laugh.
    Steve is WONDERFUL!
    He should be more famous. I just hope that some day his big cute face is on the big screen, but I don't think I could ever see him as anyone else besides his role on "Reba", playing Van Montgomery.
    Soooo BRING REBA BACK!!!! I love everything about that show. The only reason why they canceled the show was becaus the CW has something wedged up their butts!! Reba was a great show, I don't get why they canceled it, they deserved soooo much more.
  • What can I say.He's very funny and witty and I adore him.

    Steve Howey caught my attention on Reba.His character Van is extremely silly and cracks me up every episode. A person has to have talent when they act as crazy as he does. He could just be being himself which makes me love him even more. I say give this cute,crazy,talented actor his own show! I know he has done a movie before which I haven't seen but I'm hoping his acting career takes off.As a person who loves to laugh I'd like to see more of him.I also love how serious he becomes when there is a conflict on the show. A true actor can make any role seem real and a true actor Steve Howey is.
  • Great actor, could be a great comedian

    Steve plays Van Montgomery, Reba's son-in-law, and of course Cheyenne's husband, Steve's character starts out much like Joanna’s immature, and a bit childish, and though his character has developed thought out the series, Van is a child at heart, which is good, considering he gets along with Jake, but is always teased by Kyra.

    Van's childish nature brings great comedic moments to the show, and Van almost always has a witty comeback to what ever somebody says.

    Reba is the only show I've seen Steve in, and after the show ends I hope he does more TV or even movies.

    Overall: A great addition to the cast of Reba
  • And hilarious to boot!

    The man can make anything funny, and what's really great about him is he doesn't make a lot of on screen jokes that could be rediculous corny. Because, let's face it, his character of Van on The Cw's (formerly on The Wb) Reba has his rediculous moments. He knows what level to kick it up to and when to pull back.