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  • R.I.P

    Loved all he did for animals.
  • Ah, crikey! We're all gonna miss you, Steve!

    This guy was one of the greatest people on TV. I just wish he didn't die! ;_; I think I hate stingrays now, because of what happened. Even though they might be harmless, I still won't forgive them for killing Steve. He'd still be alive if it weren't for them! X( Now he's gone for good! The Crocodile Hunter was one of my fave shows, because I learned a lot about reptiles and stuff!! Now there are a million wannabes out there, trying to be the next Steve. Well, let me tell you one thing, all wannabes:You will never be Steve Irwin! Gosh!! When I heard about his death on the news, I was so stunned! Then I started crying. Because I know that I'll never see him again! RIP Steve Irwin!! We'll all miss ya!
  • he was amazing

    steve irwin was the best i still can't believe he's dead,i actually cried,he made me want to be a zoo-ologist he was the greatest,no one can replace he made the world better and now that he's not here anymore it's like people don't care anymore either but their will always be people that will remeber what he did and how well he did it,and notonly was he a g r e a t convesvationist but he also made his shows and what he does fun with normally it would be very boring to watch but with steve it was always fun R.I.P mate.
  • A truely remarkable man...

    As a fan of wildlife programing, I must say Steve Irwin was amazing.

    He was brave, comical and knowledgable, his programs were entertaining as well as educational and he appeared to be a caring, loving husband and father.

    He understood the importance of connecting with nature, and he provided his family with experiences that not many people are fortunate enough to have.

    The world lost a unique and inquisitive soul when Steve died and it was a loss felt by his family, friends and fans.

    With great sorrow I bid goodbye and pass my condolances on to those he left behind... He is remembered and missed...
  • I miss steve-o

    why do the greats die young. i suppose in his job he had a lot of danger but still no one expected him to die. i used to love watching his programs and he certainly was a character and i think the south park episode with him in was done in bad taste. there never will be another steve irwin and all though he is immatated by others, he can never be replaced. i feel sorry for his wofe and kids because they were on the program with him and he loved them a lot- it showed when he spoke to them or mentioned them lots.

    Aww what a loss to Aussie and to his family! Oh and all the animals too! I loved the work Steve did, he was so caring of all the animals and wanted to protect them all! And the Australia Zoo is so awsome! I really miss that place now that I live in NZ, but I'll get back there one day!!!

    I hope Bindi and Bob follow in his footsteps and help all the animals and do great things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was an amazing guy and is still missed! What a sad thing to happen, Steve is AMAZING!! And will always be remembered!
  • Can't Believe that he died a year or two ago. His show was and still is my favorite animal planet show to watch.

    I can't believe he died a year or two ago. I miss him greatly. I would have loved to meet him when he was alive. I watched Steve Irwin on tv since I was a very young. I was exactly 2 years old when I started watching him. Ever since then I was hooked. I'll one day have all the toys and what not that have ever come out in life that has him on it. His kids will help him with that by living on with his legacy. Bindy and family you all rock. Wish you all the best of luck.
  • He will be missed.

    Steve Irwin was born on February 22, 1962 and he is best known as being the crocodile hunter. He took such good care of the animals, but sadly when he was filming "Ocean's Deadliest" he died. I was so sad that day. The dreaded day was August 4, 2006. He has a wife Terri and a daughter named Bindi Sue and I think he has another child but I'm not sure. Bindi Sue is so cute. I felt really bad for that family. It must have been really hard for them. R.I.P Steve aka The Crocodile Hunter, you will be missed.
  • This man is truly amazing.

    The amount of dedication Steve Irwin had for animals was just something that can't be topped by any person. He cared about people and animals and really helped to make this world a better place. He brought joy into so many people's lives and I will miss him. He had many fans and he will always be remembered not only as a great tv personality, but as a person who cared for people and animals all living things. The world needs more people like Steve Irwin. People who will set good examples for everybody, instead of having immoral people be our role models. Rest in peace Steve Irwin, knowing you helped to make the world a better place.
  • I can't believe he's dead.

    I have to admit, I got quite the shock when I found out he was killed by a ray. Seriously, I thought it would be something in the croc family that would get him. Well, what can I say? He was a childhood favorite of mine. I was always watching his shows and thinking how awesome it must have been to have a job like that, lol. ;) He sounded like an all around good (yet slightly insane, haha) person, husband, and a father. The world has lost a very interesting (but slightly crazy... in a good way, lol) animal lover.
  • Crikey! Steve Irwin you will always live in our hearts and in the hearts of our childeren.

    Steve Irwin was one of the best Animal documentary Hosts on Television, he truely loved animals and enjoyed what he did and he loved his family very much. the day he died was the day the world lost the best Animal Protector/Savior ever. Steve Will always be loved and remembered by His family, friends and his fans.
  • Steve Irwin was the greatest person who indulged in dangerous animal business. Hats off to steve!

    He Was One Of The Greatest Person I Ever Knew.I Always Used To see His Crocodile Hunter Diaries and all his great shows.I Always Liked Him To See Carry Huge Crocodiles And Reptiles.Childrens Really Loved Him.Hope He Would Return Back But I Know He Wont.Maybe Thats Life About But He Was Too Young To Die.Maybe It Was His Destiny.I Saw Many Stupid Videos About His Death Stop That Cause It Is Really Wrong To Tease A Faithfull Soal.Maybe It Was Irwins Mistake Or Somewhat That The Stupid Reptile Thing Attacked Him.May His Soal Rest Inn Peace And Please Dont Disturb It. It Was A Great Soul.
  • Steve Irwin will live forever!

    I don't like talking about Steve's death. He was so larger than life and such a well-loved figure that he didn't really die to me. His legacy will last forever. I never had the chance to meet him, but Steve obviously had such a presence that it felt as if he did know you. He treated his "crikeys" the same way as everyone he met - with the big grin, eye twinkle and larger than life personality. That's the Steve I recall. No one will ever come close to replacing him, but many will try. From here on, I'm going to cringe from all horrible Australian animal expert impressions because none of them even came close to be what Steve really was about, however, if a movie is ever made of Steve's life, I'd love to be able to play him and try to give him justice.
  • Steve Irwin was an icon, a legend, and a legacy

    Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, is one of the greatest men to ever appear on a TV screen. He not only entertained us all with his antics and extreme love for even the deadliest of animals, but he also was a major force in protecting animals everwhere (and not in some crazy over-the-top PETA way). A loving man with a great heart and a love for his family so extreme, he will be greatly missed. My only hope is that this great man's legacy never fades, and is never forgotten. After all, he'll never really be dead unless we let his legacy die as well. Long live Steve Irwin! May your legacy never fade, and may the world never forget you.
  • RIP Steve!

    Really will miss him as with his rugged good looks
    And very cool Austrailian accent and his catch phrase Crikey, I think that Steve's children will carry on the legacy that their father has passed onto them. Sadly he will be missed by fans and that up in heaven, he is taking care of God's animals.
  • A great man

    When I heard he was dead I thought I was having a nightmare,...whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (sobbing). no one could replace him...nooooooo ooooone (sobbing)he was a truly great man that had no fears except for parrots (one almost bit off his nose when he was a kid) he was sooo awesome, he could actually catch a king cobra with out being bitten, he was the most experienced man in the world.
  • Crikey! I really miss you Steve.

    What can I say, Steve Irwin was the one who made me interested in animals and crocs and all. Other experts can be so boring but it could never be boríng with Steve "The crocodile Hunter" Irwin! He was so intens and he really cared about the animals, he risked his life almost every day for the animals. He was surely one of the greates human being in the world and nobody can ever replace Steve Irwin.

    Crikey Steve! I can't believe that you're gone! I really miss you and I hope that we can meet eachother some day...
    Rest in Peace Crocodile Hunter, you where the best there is, the best there was and the best that there ever will be!
  • Great Person

    He Was One Of The Greatest Person I Ever Knew.I Always Used To see His Crocodile Hunter Diaries and all his great shows.I Always Liked Him To See Carry Huge Crocodiles And Reptiles.Childrens Really Loved Him.Hope He Would Return Back But I Know He Wont.Maybe Thats Life About But He Was Too Young To Die.Maybe It Was His Destiny.I Saw Many Stupid Videos About His Death Stop That Cause It Is Really Wrong To Tease A Faithfull Soal.Maybe It Was Irwins Mistake Or Somewhat That The Stupid Reptile Thing Attacked Him.May His Soal Rest Inn Peace And Please Dont Disturb It It Was A Great Soul
  • RIP Steve Irwin. Probaly the most famous wildlife documenter ever. An inspiration to children and adults alike. A great guy.

    RIP Steve Irwin. Probaly the most famous wildlife documenter ever. An inspiration to children and adults alike. A great guy. I have a soft spot for animal documentary's, especially cute ones. Well thats not exactly the case for crocodile's, but still, I see what he saw in them. He was one of the only topic's of conversation in my school (along with Big Brother and football and actual schoolwork) and it's good that this guy living in Australia could've touched the lives of so many people in England, or America, and wherever else he's been.

    put (tu) on ur MSN to remember him by.
  • R.I.P, Steve Irwin.

    I love Steve Irwin. He was the Crocodile hunter, and was great as playing his role. He was one of the very few people that made learning fun. This man was a good example of "Learning can be fun!". Anyways, We'll never forget you, Wild, Crazy, and Funny man Steve Irwin.
  • I was both sad and shocked when I heard about Steve Irwin's death. I still can't believe it.

    It is very sad this great man has died. Many critized and said many bad things about Steve Irwin but I always thought him to be incredibly talented and just amazing. To do what he did took more than guts and nerves of steel. I was very sad to hear he had died and I even felt my eyes water a bit. There is no comfort in death but it is somewhat nice to know he died doing what he loved and what he was best at.
    A tribute to a great and talented man who entertained us all, you will be missed.
  • Steve Irwin is the best Animal guy ever. I HATE STINGRAYS!!! R.I.P. steve.

    In 2004 Steve got in trouble for holding his infant son while feeding a crocodile. He knew what he was doing. He wouldn't feed his own baby to a crocodile. In 2002 The Crocodile Hunter had a movie called collison course but it didn't do very well in ratings. But I thought it was awesome. Steve Irwin had a show on Discovery Kids called Croc Files. I will remember siting in my living room then seeing the news come saying " We have Breaking news the crocodile hunter is dead. He was stung by a stingray to the chest." We'll miss you steve irwin. On they show the video the camera man was filming of steve getting stung.
  • steve iwrin was one of my personal favorits he showed us all how to care, he tought us and was one of everyones favorits his "crikey" cought every and thats something that we all loved bout the most we loved his personality and that was the best

    steve iwrin died monday from getting hit by a stingray right i the chest which hit his heart and after he puled it out he died, while filming a documentary. he had passion and he showed us all how to care and love animals he was the best of the best and no one could beat his "crikey" it was the best and every one loved it but most we loved his personaly. steve had two kids bob age two and bindey age 8 i think. i remember on one show he let his doughter ceatch a little croc and name all the crocs they ceatch. that was a cool show.
    in a science class before us there class name is croc hunters. i think its after the wounderful steve iwrin he was the best with his laughter and more he was awesome i just wish i could have met him in person. cassandra
  • He was truly a gift from God and will be truly missed. No amount of words can express this sorrow.

    Steve Irwin was an animal lover, he lived on the edge everyday creating courage within people. He showed that it's not scary to get close to the most animals, and for that we will never have one like him. My condolences go out to his family and friends, and we on this Earth will truly miss him. I'm going to edit this soon.
  • I am not even suppossed to be on, because I left to focus on my studies. Yes, I lied about my age, anyways I decided to come back because my hero Steve Irwin died. RIP Steve! You made learning fun!

    I love Steve Irwin, he is one of the few people I can honestly say that made learning fun. He was such a good guy and he deeply cared for animals. It's such a shame that he had to go. I'm not going to see anymore specials of him and his wife wrestling crocodiles. Its funny because, he was a family man and loved his wife and two kids. Now he's gone and his family will never see him again, because of a stingray. He was a great man, and made zoology exciting. Steve, your one of kind. RIP, Steve Irwin.
  • I'll truly miss him.

    Steve Irvin is perhaps the best wildlife expert on tv. I love watching his shows like crocodile hunter. Now that his gone, I feel sad that there wouldn't be any more of the crocodile hunter show. His one of the best one out there, I can't believe this sort of accident happened to him. It wasn't his time, he was too young to die. This sort of freakish accident shouldn't have happened. His shows are really enjoyable, they are very entertaining. I really have a good time watching his documentary shows, their also educational at the same time as entertaining. I'll truly miss him.
  • One of a kind.

    I have never been a big fan of ' Crocodile Hunter ' nor have I ever watched an entire episode but I always had a lot of respect for Steve Irwin and his willingness to put his life on the line to teach all of us about dangerous animals. Ever since the invention of the television there has been someone willing to show us animals from a safe distance but Steve Irwin took it to the next level by getting up close and personal and spawned a lot of copy cats. Irwin's death was a tragedy and he will be missed.
  • Amazing.........never to be forgotten.

    Steve Irwin was larger than life, original, and was loved by many people around the world. He was known for wrestling with crocodiles, caring for the animals in Australia, and for his catchphrase, "Crikey!". He loved the animals, respected the animals, and once said in an interview that if he ever died because of an animal, he would be worried that people would forget what he taught, and only remember him being killed by an animal. But people will most definatley not forget what he taught, and will always remember Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. He was loved by many, and will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Steve Irwin!
  • No-one could say that Steve was not original It is a sad sad loss to Australia to lose such a great identity...

    I must say I thought he would live forever and am stunned that he didn't. I think someone with so much natural energy, love for nature and who cared so much about Australia deserved to be respected and admired more than he was.
    He was a raw character, always happy never sad except when there were people out there taking advantage of the environment.
    I read that he had no personal wealth and everything he earned (around 20 million a year) went back into his Zoo, the Wild Warriors and into preserving the environment.
    This is a sad loss.
  • Rest In Peace.

    After hearing of his death I can remember all the time I sat down and watched Steve Irwin. He was such an original character that brought such life into his work. Always handling dangerous animals in his shows he brought an excitement to watching wildlife shows again. I have been a huge fan of his for several years and even enjoyed his movie. Steve Irwin died doing what he loved the many people can claim that feat? God bless him and his family in their hard time. His passing will leave a huge hole in the hearts of many fans around the world.
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