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  • Ah, crikey! We're all gonna miss you, Steve!

    This guy was one of the greatest people on TV. I just wish he didn't die! ;_; I think I hate stingrays now, because of what happened. Even though they might be harmless, I still won't forgive them for killing Steve. He'd still be alive if it weren't for them! X( Now he's gone for good! The Crocodile Hunter was one of my fave shows, because I learned a lot about reptiles and stuff!! Now there are a million wannabes out there, trying to be the next Steve. Well, let me tell you one thing, all wannabes:You will never be Steve Irwin! Gosh!! When I heard about his death on the news, I was so stunned! Then I started crying. Because I know that I'll never see him again! RIP Steve Irwin!! We'll all miss ya!