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    • These are some of the people who made a speech at Steve's Memorial service:
      Steve's 8 year old daughter Bindi Sue Irwin, who said "She would never want her daddy's passion to end, and she would help endangered wildlife just like he did".
      Steve's father Bob Irwin, who said that "He didn't want us to grieve for Steve but for all the animals who lost their best friend"
      Prime Minister John Howard, who addressed Terri Irwin telling her "that 20 million pairs of Australian arms was reaching out to embrace her this morning.''
      Steve's best friend and "Australia Zoo" director, Wes Mannion, who remembered old times with Steve.
      Steve's producer and long-time friend John Stainton, talked about there long time friendship during a curse of "some odd 20 years."
      Clark Bunting, executive vice president of Discovery Networks, Russell Crowe, Cameron Diaz, Larry King and Kevin Costner all made a speech via satellite.
      Further more John Williamson sung True Blue, which was Steve's favourite song.
      Terri Irwin attended the service but never spoke.
      The memorial service had been put together by John Stainton.