Steve Landesberg


Steve Landesberg Trivia


  • Trivia

    • After his death, Steve's daughter, Elizabeth, revealed that his reported age of 65 was incorrect. Landesberg was actually born in 1936, not 1945, and died at the age of 74.

    • Before going into show business Steve worked as an Assistant Credit Manager in several hotels. Part of his job was to catch scam artists and those using bad credit cards. He says it was his training for playing a fictional cop.

    • Steve's first appearance on The Tonight Show was in December of 1971.

    • Steve was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor - Comedy or Variety or Music Series two times: for the 1979-1980, and the 1981-1982 seasons of Barney Miller.

    • Steve was a member of the comedy group, "The New York Stickball Team."

    • Steve started out as a stand-up comedian, and later turned to acting.

  • Quotes

    • Steve Landesberg: (on his topical comedy routines)I talk about politics, music, sports. I try to keep current and talk about what's happening. Sometimes what I do...tonight might be gone already tomorrow. And the audience lets you know that. You think, "I just got a big laugh with that yesterday. Where did it go?"